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9 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team How To Streamline Your Beauty Routine In The Name Of Sustainability

9 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

How To Streamline Your Beauty Routine In The Name Of Sustainability

Photo credits: Ohne
Photo credits: Ohne

Every new year requires a fresh start, whether that means decluttering our space, adopting new routines, or setting new goals. Whatever the case, change is necessary for our mental health and wellbeing by letting go of those things that no longer serve us. And it may be daunting to get started, especially after the challenging year we’ve all had—and that’s ok. We’re sharing our top five tips to tackle and reboot routines for the year ahead, while factoring in ways that can both benefit the environment and our drawer space.

  1. Finish Before Replacing

We’re all guilty of impulse purchases, and in a world where the newest products are just at our fingertips, it’s easy to see how we can splurge on yet another trend or buzzword. Unfortunately after our adrenaline-fuelled buzz wears off, we’re left with a stack of barely used products gathering dust. Now more than ever, it’s important to step back from the screen and think to yourself “do I really need this right now?” If the answer is no, save it, wishlist it, note it down, and come back to it once you’ve used up what you already have.

2. Understanding & Tailoring

Finding the perfect formula can be a really tricky process, with most of us choosing something that sounds ideal but when push comes to shove, it’s just not cutting it. This can be especially true of haircare and skincare, with each of us having a unique set of preferences and requirements to accommodate. By using online tools, we can quickly find out what works best without the tedious guessing games.

Finding rigorous and professional solutions to our skin concerns has been simplified by the Dermatica online consultation, offering medical grade products that are stronger and more effective than high street alternatives. However, for skin woes that are a little less severe, Skin + Me has a supportive treatment programme that analyses the skin before sending out a monthly personalised formula pack. As for our hair goals, Function of Beauty uses a quiz setup to create the ideal formula from scratch within a subscription service. And they’re even branching out to skin and body care too!

Photo credits: Skinandme
Photo credits: Skinandme

3. Review & Trial Before Commiting 

There’s been countless times where we’ve quickly skimmed the description box before hovering over the ‘buy now’ button, unsure if what we’re about to splurge on will really be worth the hype. We recommend doing your research first because what may work for the majority, may not work for you. Actively search for reviewers that have similar needs and expectations to you, that way you’ll get a real idea of what you’re looking for. And, they might even recommend something better. Once you feel confident in your choice, opt for a free sample or free trial first—not only for your bank accounts sake, but to save the potential hassle and waste of returning it. 

4. Recycle or Upcycle?

Now that we’ve streamlined what’s coming into our routine, it’s important to deal with what we have already. Cashing in on any recycling programmes will help the environment and offer an additional reward—for instance, the MAC Cosmetics ‘Back to MAC’ programme will exchange six empties for a full-size lipstick of your choosing, while Lush only requires five pots in return for a fresh face mask. Kiehl’s have just launched their ‘Recycle & Be Rewarded’ scheme that promises to support a charity of your choice while knocking off 10% from your next purchase. Boots have also recently brought out their ‘Recycle at Boots’ reward scheme that gives back 500 Boots Advantage Card points per five empties—that’s about five quid a pop! Many other brands such as L’Occitane and John Lewis provide such programmes, so it’s always a good idea to check. Who knows how much we could be saving?

When recycling just isn’t an option, the next best thing is to up-cycle. Soak, rinse, and repeat to transform your old glass moisturiser tubs into cotton pad holders, used serum bottles into vases, and well-loved candles into makeup brush holders. 

5. Plan For The Long-Term 

There are some staples in our regimes that can’t be replaced or bartered with—hair removal tools and period products being two of them. While there are those who are exempt, most of us require a constant supply which can be costly and create unnecessary waste. A sure-fire way of combating these issues can be found in ethical subscription based brands like Estrid and Ohne—not only are we supporting small businesses, but by choosing a subscription service, we’ll only receive the amount that’s needed. Estrid works against ‘pink tax’ with their 100% recyclable vegan razors that come at a lower cost than mega brand counterparts. Whereas Ohne provides us with a hotspot haven for all our period-related needs—we’re talking 100% biodegradable organic cotton pads and applicators, cramp reducing tonics, and sweet treat bundles to see us through the worst. 

Words by Vinona Baines, Graphics by Victoria Zhao


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