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How to Have a Safe Online Relationship During COVID-19

Whether it’s a long term partner, early romance or friends with benefits set-up you’ve been separated from due to lockdown, we’re guessing you’re starting to get slightly hot under the collar.

Whilst maintaining a relationship online is manageable there are still aspects that need to be kept in mind. It’s 2020, use the abundance of technology we have on offer to your advantage, just ensure it’s done safely; we don’t want a Kim K/Reggie Bush dilemma to deal with post lockdown.

1. Don’t Use WhatsApp

If you’re planning to send some spicy pics then make sure you do so on an app that doesn’t automatically save any images. Revenge porn is real and has been on the rise according to data from the BBC. Some apps that would be better to use are: Snapchat, Confide or Signal.

2. Avoid Taking Screenshots

If you want to save something for future use, just ask; don’t save images of someone without their consent, and make sure that person really is completely comfortable with you saving them, it’s a big deal.

3. Encrypt Your Evidence

To avoid any awkward iCloud hacking like the Mila Kunis 2012 photo scandal, make sure you put any images you have in an encrypted folder in your phone. There’s nothing worse than backing up your photos up to your laptop and next to the pictures of Nan’s 80th there’s a compromising image of your partner. Cringe.

4. Consider If You Want Your Face in the Photos

If it’s someone you trust then you do you, but if there’s even the slightest feeling that you don’t your face in the pictures then don’t do it. So even if you do have a bad breakup resulting in some leaked images (p.s: not okay), then you wouldn’t be able to be identified.

Words by Grace Dembowicz

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