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2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team How To Find Your Signature Scent for Autumn/Winter

2 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

How To Find Your Signature Scent for Autumn/Winter

Entering a new season is always a great time to update our fragrance collections to find a signature scent for this Autumn/Winter season. Here at Voir, we have collected our favourite scents which remind us of cosy nights beside the fire and brisk walks in cold weather. From warm, spiced mulled wine, to smoky scents, and lighter fruity citrus and floral notes, there is an Autumnal scent for all tastes – including the loved ones for who you may be already thinking about buying Christmas gifts for.

Le Labo Eau de Parfum, Rose 31

With floral, woody notes, Le Labo’s Rose 31 is a classy scent if you want something a little lighter for Winter. Not as heavy as a musk, the perfume is primarily floral with spicy tones of cumin and cedar balancing it to create a perfect transitional fragrance for Autumn. 

MAISON MARGIELA, Replica Lazy Sunday Morning Eau de toilette

As titled, Margiela’s Lazy Sunday Morning is a gentle, relaxed scent reflecting the ease of rolling out of bed late and having a sleepy Sunday. Top notes reflect fresh laundry, lily-the-valley, and pear, with hints of musk, rose and orange blossom also appearing. A casual, everyday fragrance perfect for finding a balance between springtime florals and clean, cold winter air. 

MALIN + GOETZ, Dark Rum Eau de parfum

Primarily fruity, this perfume balances strong scents of leather, amber, and rum with sweet citrus. Blending rich tones to create an Autumnal-based fragrance, this is ideal for everyday wear as a strong, staple scent or kept special for evenings out. 

Le Labo FLEUR D’ORANGER 27 Eau de parfum

Bringing together the household scents of Autumn, this perfume is reminiscent of rich potpourri and aromatic spices. Primary tones of citrus orange, with hints of fresh spices like cinnamon, come together for an upgraded spicy, citrus scent. 

Glossier You Eau de parfum

A classic fragrance all-year-round, the Glossier You perfume adjusts and adapts as you wear it, creating a perfected scent solely for you. Initially, hints of pink pepper and spices begin which transitions into a woodsy, sweet warmth – the perfume is completely adaptable, meaning this is perfect for wearing during the seasonal change between Autumn and Winter. 

Tom Ford Oud Wood

Autumnal with primary hints of wood and spices, this scent is reminiscent of walks in the park surrounded by falling leaves and drinking hot mulled wine. The scent is rich and earthy, with hints of sweetness coming from underlying vanilla.

Our Favourite Perfume Gift Sets

When buying a present for a loved one, you cannot go wrong with a perfume set. This provides the perfect opportunity to try fragrances someone may not have picked out themself but can end up falling in love with. With a range of different fragrances, there will definitely be at least a couple to discover as a new signature scent. 

Words By Caitlin Sahin

Photo Credit: @maisonmargielafragrances


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