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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team How to Combat Dry Hands During the Current Climate

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

How to Combat Dry Hands During the Current Climate

Collage of hands and hand creams
Collage of hands and hand creams

While the world comes to terms with the pandemic of the Corona Virus, we must keep safe and work together to prevent further spreading. Social media has been plagued with hand washing memes, and whilst it is good to bring the humour from an otherwise frightening epidemic, it is crucial for us to follow hand washing and other hygiene advice. NHS Medical Doctor, Dr Ejikeme has found that many of her patients have dry, itchy hands as a result of intense washing and use of hand sanitiser. We need to moisturise our hands regularly to avoid cuts and cracked skin as this may lead to infections.

Her top tips to prevent drying hands include:

Wash instead of sanitising: If you can, wash hands with soap and water for 15-30 seconds instead of using hand sanitiser as it has a high alcohol content which is very drying on the skin.

Don’t over-wash: Wash when necessary (after using the toilet and visiting public spaces, and before touching your face or others). Washing hands too frequently will dry them out.

Water first, soap second: Make sure to wet hands first before soap to reduce irritation.

Use hand cream- After washing, apply a hand cream to prevent the skin drying out and apply throughout the day.

Super dry hands: If your hands are already dry, itchy or sore, apply a barrier cream (Vaseline or Lanolin) covering any areas of cracked skin.

Please see more information on Dr Ejikeme and her West London clinic, Adonia Medical Clinic here.

Our Top 5 Hand Creams:

Best for sensitive skin:

1). The Body Shop Almond milk and honey calming and protecting hand cream

The Body Shop
The Body Shop

This hand cream is perfect for those of us dealing with sensitive skin as the nourishing almond milk helps bring moisture to dry hands, and the honey (full of antibacterial goodness) helps heal cracks. £5 for 30ml.

Best non-greasy formula:

2). Clarins hand and nail treatment cream


This rich lotion is packed full of essential ingredients like shea butter and sesame oil which offers quick relief to dry hands without leaving greasy residue behind. £23 for 100ml.

Best value:

3). Aveeno daily moisturising hand cream


Suitable for sensitive skin and clinically proven to help hands look healthier from the first use. Enriched with oatmeal to nourish skin. £3.99 for 75ml.

Best overall:

4). Neutrogena Norwegian formula hand cream


Rich with glycerin, this cream helps bind moisture to the skin and is long-lasting even after hand washing. Gives you soft skin without breaking the bank. £3.99 for 50ml.

Best high-end brand:

5). Liz Earle Superskin hand serum

Liz Earle
Liz Earle

Perfect for mature or dry skin, this serum is packed full of active ingredients like rosehip oil and cranberry seed to ensure skin is left plump, smooth and soft. £23.50 for 75ml.

Words by Camila Karalyte

Graphics by Katie Janes

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