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3 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team How to Celebrate New Years in a Pandemic (Safely)

3 weeks ago, by Voir Editorial Team

How to Celebrate New Years in a Pandemic (Safely)

As the bells rang, the fireworks exploded and the ball dropped, January 1st, 2020 saw us fizzing with excitement and overflowing with optimism for the year. January 1st, 2021, most of us will be screaming good riddance to the 365-day catastrophe. Although ever frustrating and disappointing, New Year’s Eve 2020 is different: it holds no expectations; no pressure; no guilt; no FOMO; no stress. Wow, isn’t that freeing? With the one rule being only to stay at home as a single household, NYE 2020 need not be as bad as you think.

Browse our vibe guide to see some of the ways you can say good riddance to 2020!    


After a year as draining as this, we all need a break. Spend the last day of 2020 by pampering yourself and doing exactly what you want. Wear your fluffy socks, light the scented candles, switch on the fairy lights and snuggle up on the sofa with your favourite chunky blanket. With all the build up to Christmas, come the New Year it’s not hard to feel exhausted or, worse, feeling low and anti-climactic. Dedicate the day to nothing but making yourself feel good. Whether this is eating your heart out with sweet treats or binge watching your favourite series, the only tip here is to simply enjoy yourself.  

Gif by @brooklyxn


Go out with a bang this New Year’s Eve and pop open the prosecco, a bottle of pop, or your favourite non-alcoholic alternative! No good celebration is complete without lavish food and bubbling drink. On the final day of the year, forget the calorie count, put on your chef’s hat, and eat like a royal. Spend the day baking, making and indulging your senses: brunch, lunch, dinner, supper and everything in-between. If you’re lucky to live in a household of foodies, why not get adventurous and play dish roulette: each person preparing a dish from a different cuisine or course.           


We all hoped that 2020 would be our contemporary Roaring Twenties, and oh how we were disappointed. It’s only fitting, therefore, that we celebrate the end of year with a Gatsby inspired night: grandiose, glam, glitz. Party the night away and dress to impress: dust off your favourite outfit, swap your slippers for dancing shoes, and spend the evening whirling away from all of your problems. Or, for a truly 2020 take, buy some boujee pyjamas and give our new best friend ‘leisurewear’ an ultra-luxe makeover. As with any Gatsby celebration, a steady flow of drink is a must, so why not use the evening to perfect your cocktail making and experiment with taste! Buy some gorgeous Champagne saucers to accompany your drinks and sip the night away in style.

Gif by Yandy


Take a breath. Allow your mind some space, give it some time to catch up and process the year. The next day is a fresh start: a new year, 12 more shiny months to navigate and make your own. Perhaps spend a few moments writing down some goals for the following year; or perhaps don’t. Perhaps spend a few moments writing down your favourite memories and things which have made you happy in the past year; or perhaps don’t. Despite consumerism telling us the New Year is a time for change and improvement, it is not. Remove that pressure from yourself because, in all honesty, it is not worth it. Take the opportunity instead to give yourself some time and attention and connect with your inner peace. 

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Turn up the music, turn down the lights and bring out the party food and fizzy pop. Remember when the school disco was the most hyped event on your social calendar? Channel that energy! Let loose just how you used to when you were a child – unapologetically. Once you’ve gotten tired, and the throwback music is giving you a slight headache, sit down, relax and rival your household with classic board games. This year, strip New Year’s Eve back to what it’s all about: partying, fun and celebration.    


Beyond a day on the calendar, NYE is just a concept. With the year we have just had, we wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to celebrate. So, forget about NYE, treat it as an ordinary day, and spend it as you normally would. Who cares? It’s only a date!   

Words by Hannah Emery


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