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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team H&M Continue To Explore The Metaverse In Their Upcoming Collection

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

H&M Continue To Explore The Metaverse In Their Upcoming Collection

We are to infinity and beyond excited about H&M’s newest edition to their Innovation Stories Initiative. Launching in 2021 the initiative was created to promote sustainable design throughout multiple aspects of H&Ms supply chain. The Metaverse Design Story drops on December 8th 2022 with virtual and RTW garments for men and women. Co-designed with the Institute of Digital Fashion, the collection embraces the present and future blending of the physical and digital world. 

Inspired by the metaverse, H&M have created fashion pieces worthy across all dimensions and galaxies. Although virtual reality, space and the future are key influences for the collection as a whole, designs are seen to have taken inspiration a little bit closer to home. The natural world can be seen in the collection in the form of satellite imagery, blooming flowers and microscopic cells. The decision to incorporate influence from our world as well as others is inspired. The laws of physics are left behind as new, innovative fashion styles are dreamt up and constructed via virtual reality.

The sustainable aspects of the new collection are found within the design process. Materials such as REPREVE Our Ocean recycled polyester created from plastic bottles found in the oceans and 100% recycled sequins from plastic bottle waste are responsibly utilized. Zero-waste pattern cutting has been implemented for the sequin studded dress and selected garments will be available in H&M’s rental service.

Within the women’s RTW range H&M have designed some galaxy gems. Lilac is utilized in a ruffled mini-dress as well as a sequined halter neck dress. Suits, dramatic tulle gowns and corseted bodice dresses are some of the delights that await you on Thursday the 8th. Ear cuffs, bracelet cuffs and chokers take influence from liquid metal, giving the look of mercury being drizzled upon ears, wrists and necks.

Already spotted at the 2022 Fashion Awards, attendees such as Alva Claire, Irina Shayk and Leomie Anderson gave us a glimpse of the star dusted range. 

The virtual collection, which can be viewed on H&M’s website, as well as tried on with their 3D in-app function, is super cool. Model-less designs are showcased in short video animations featuring use of light, sped up flower and foliage growth, and running water which molds around an invisible figure. The digital world of fashion means that there are unlimited styles possible and we are living in the prime experimentation age of VR. We suspect H&M will continue exploring the digital realm of fashion and fantasy to provide us with more innovative, futuristic designs available both online and offline.

Words By: Erin Wilson

Header Image: H&M


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