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7 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Haute Couture Day Four; An Ode to the Ancient!

7 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Haute Couture Day Four; An Ode to the Ancient!

While the day four Haute Couture shows were the last of the cultivating collections, they were far from least. Designers from Julie de Libran to Fendi treated us to one last day of inspiring collections before we say goodbye to Haute Couture Week for another year.

This time the theme of the looks was an ode to the ancient. From the tunics of Rome to creatures of mythology, day four designers chose to look a thousand years backwards for artistic inspiration.


Fendi’s Spring Couture Show saw garments fit for an empress. The Italian Fashion House looked to almighty Ancient Rome for this collection’s inspiration. From silk tunic-style dresses to pieces featuring graphics of emperors. The garments were as scandalous and powerful as the period.

Despite the historical nature of the garments, the show’s setting was surprisingly futuristic. Bright white graphics emulated the shape of a Roman Palace, as models emerged from thick grey smog, adding to the danger and excitement of the show. Those on the front row included Madelaine Petsch, her background starring in thrillers like Riverdale mean she’s no beginner when it comes to all things dark and sultry, making her a perfect witness for the sinful show.

Julie de Libran

French fashion designer Julie De Libran brought an elegant flair to everyday workwear during day four of Haute Couture Week. Her collection sees classic day-to-day pieces like blazers and trenchcoats reimagined with fur trims and glitter. The collection was described by De Libran as ‘comfort but with beauty.

The old-money style garments resemble those worn in the Y2K show Gossip Girl; perfect for the office by day, party by night kind of woman.

Christophe Josse

French designer Josse stuck to his label’s DNA of creating delicate and airy garments with his ‘Villégiature’ collection. The nude collection was a peaceful and light take on the usual loud couture attire. Heavenly shirts with puff silk sleeves and lace gowns made the collection fit for a goddess.

In his video showcase, the designer made the unique decision of featuring just one model: Zuleica Eliana. The stunning Cape Verde model’s elegance and charm was the perfect addition to the angelic collection.

Yuima Nakazato

After the dullness of the past two years, Tokyo born designer Nakazato chose to look to the sky as a vision of bright hope for the inspiration behind his ‘Liminal’ Collection. The collection’s colour palette featured the hues of the sunset in burnt orange and ginger.

The inspiration from the above was confirmed by models in garments of royal blue, red, and orange, perfectly emulating the wings of a parrot.

The designer’s fascination with the mythical and ancient legends was also a large inspiration behind the collection. Garments were showcased in an abandoned church said to be an ode to the Chimera, a four-legged ancient creature.

Yanina Couture

Exploding with colour and vibrancy; Yanina Couture’s electrifying rainbow looks were a show stopping way to end the fabulous week of Haute Couture Shows. The first look to emerge on the white runway was a mini dress with a colossal off the shoulder jacket in every colour conceivable. Each look that followed burst with more creative colour combinations in psychedelic patterns.

While designer Yulia Yanina was the only new addition to the group of high fashion designers able to showcase their looks at Haute Couture Week, she cultivated garments as joy- evoking as any other designer this season; a testament to the hard work and steady craftsmanship that she and her team put into the collection.

Photo Credit: Gerasim Kutsarov


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