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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Glass Hair Is Taking Hair Care to The Extreme

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Glass Hair Is Taking Hair Care to The Extreme

Kim Kardashian and Rokh, image via Getty Images, Jason Lee Evans
Kim Kardashian and Rokh, image via Getty Images, Jason Lee Evans

Cosmetics are arguably the most popular luxury that we spend our money on; however, our wellness routine often ends at out forehead. Hair is the pride and joy to so many, but neglected by a huge majority of us. We expect so much from our locks, yet fail to put in the time and money to achieve these goals. Skincare is all about being open and educating ourselves—with no such thing as too much information—but the thoughts of haircare can set off alarming reminders of hairdressers recommending mysterious products while at your most vulnerable (sitting wet-haired in front of a mirror and blinding lights). Haircare is simply essential if you want to have the hair of your dreams. The 2020 Glass Hair trend takes this to an extreme.

Glass Hair refers to the trend of hair having a dramatic shine, almost seeming mirror-like, and a reflective finish to your hair. To achieve this cartoon-like result you need to ensure your hair is in optimum condition, has the appropriate treatments for your hair type and finally, your hair has to have a seamless finish. The combination of these three techniques will make your hair have a liquid shimmer and unbeatable gloss.

Condition & Hair Health

First things first: condition is the most important thing. Shine is almost impossible to achieve on dehydrated or damaged hair. Each strand of hair on your head is covered in little cuticles—think of these like the sequins on a dress—when they’re all sitting in a uniform fashion they reflect the most light. If they’re ruffled and sporadic they’ll simple looks messy. Your hair is exactly the same. Getting your hair in optimum condition could be easier than you would think, with some simple edits to your haircare routine.

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Keep Those Cuticles Closed

One of the easiest ways to keep our cuticles flat is to take care when drying our hair. We’re not even talking about blow-drying or styling the hair. The simple action of towel-drying can cause a huge amount of breakage to the hair—we know, right?—and by simply using a micro fibre towel to remove excess moisture and only drying in a downward motion can result in much healthier, frizz-free hair. Unsurprisingly, styling can also take a toll on your hair. Using a protector before applying any heat to your hair is absolutely non-negotiable. Think of heat protector the same way you’d think of your make-up primer; it’s the foundation for everything else.


Top Coat Your Hair

As important as condition is, sometimes we need some artificial help when trying to achieve such an animated result. Semi-permanent hair colour gives your hair a shine beyond compare. Think of semi colours like a top coat on your nails. It coats each strand with velvet-like gloss and leaves the hair with an instant richness that simply cannot be achieved on natural hair as easily.

Finish & Seal

If closed cuticles promote shine then this step is what gives your hair the glass finish. Although using heat on your hair can be linked with damage and dehydration, that is only the case when the hair is styled with no heat protector. With hair properly primed, and completely dry, using a flat iron is the final step in sealing your cuticle—which will allow all the light reflect on your hair and gives it a glass-like shimmer—while also locking in moisture and aiding with an anti-frizz reassurance.


Your hair is your crown you never take off. Keeping it in optimum health is as important as any skincare or wellness routine. A good haircare system & consultation with a professional stylist is your first step to dreamy hair.

Words by Luke Nolan

Graphics by Victoria Zhao


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