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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team I Had A Reading With A-list Psychic Fleur Leussink And This Is What Happened

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

I Had A Reading With A-list Psychic Fleur Leussink And This Is What Happened

If you had a chance to meet one of the world’s best psychics/ mediums, what would you ask about? Money? Love? Career? Or would you want to connect with somebody you’ve lost? With an insane three-year waiting list and celebrity clientele including Lana Del Ray and Emma Roberts and even one of the richest men on earth – Fleur Leussink is the psychic to the stars! 

15 minutes into one of the most incredible readings of my life, Fleur channelled my grandfather who I lost when I was 12 years old. I was completely lost for words and broke into tears. The truly shocking part was how accurate she was, there was no way Fleur could know some of the stuff she did. I can 1000% confirm that Fleur told me things about my own love life and career that there is no way she could have possibly already known. I’m destined major success apparently! Watch out Elon Musk- Jyoti is coming.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the entire reading was conducted over zoom! How does that work I hear you ask? Well, despite her busy schedule, we managed to get a digital sit down with the psychic to all of your favourite celebs. After a truly extraordinary reading, Fleur answered a few of our burning questions about how she discovered her abilities, the difference between a psychic and a medium, and how to tune in to your intuition…

Enough about me. Let’s find out more about you. So, first, how did you even discover that you had these gifts?  

Yeah, so I always talk about two points in my life. One was when I was 18/19, when I started doing readings, and that was the moment that I realized it. Long before that though, when I was a kid, I would say maybe four or five years old, my parents realized it. For me, I think during that period, everybody’s world when they’re a child is assumed to be the same as other people’s world too, right? When you’re a kid, you have no distinction between, oh, this is different, or like, I see things differently.

So, my parents noticed it first. It wasn’t necessarily encouraged, it wasn’t discouraged, but it was respected, which I feel was huge because they could have easily been like, this is super crazy. The fact that it was respected really allowed it to just be and they helped me manage it in the best way that they could at the time. This is almost 30 years ago, so there wasn’t as much information out there like there is now. I wanted nothing to do with it. By the time I got into middle school, I was like, this is weird. No, thank you. Shut it down. Really focused on being normal, wanted to be a doctor. And I went through that whole path and then when I was 18/19, I started getting sick, and no one could figure it out. Went to a million doctors. Eventually. My father, a sceptical engineer, but very logical, was like, maybe you should go see a psychic because you were very attuned to these things when you were younger, maybe they have something to tell you, right? So, I sit down in front of this lady who’s in Los Angeles at the time, and the first thing out of her mouth was, you’re a medium. You’re not doing the work you’re supposed to be doing. If you don’t do that work, you will get very sick or die. And I was like, well, that’s annoying.

I really walked out there being like, F you. I’m going to go be a doctor. No one can tell me what to do. But, at the same time, when you’re 18/19, your body’s not working the way you want it to work. There is a part in your mind where you’re like, well, I don’t want to die, right? There’s that little voice where you’re like, I don’t feel good. No one knows what’s going on, but maybe I should just sit my ass now and meditate. So I did that. I really was like, okay, I’ll do this under a fake name. I worked under it for six years, and I just started doing readings for people just to figure out for myself. Is this crazy? Is it not crazy? I think there was a difference between going to a psychic medium, believing they could do it, and then going and doing it myself. Even having had all my childhood experiences, I was studying neuroscience in school at the time. So, I was really on the fence as to like, is this logical? Is this real? Is this proven? I don’t want to invest my life into something that isn’t true. So, it felt very slippery and very scary. But once I started working, I received such amazing feedback from people who would say their life was changed – People who are going through major grief, major trauma. Obviously, we did a reading today and you have your own things in life, but often the people that I work with have gone through something that’s caused either their life to just get to a standstill or something that’s like ripped the rug out from under them and they just don’t have direction any longer. So having that kind of feedback when I was 19/20, people saying like, you’ve changed my life, or things like my wife could get off antidepressants and my kids have a mom again, or I don’t know, whatever. I was like, okay, that’s excessive for an hour. For me, there was this moment where I was like, are you sure? And so it was just a summer where that wheel started turning. I was like, this is amazing, and if I can offer this, I should offer this. And then I just wanted to understand everything about it. I have a curious mind. I was in that science world. I wanted to be a doctor. So, I think for me it then became very much about not just helping, but also figuring out how to do it so that other people could learn it too. So, I really started looking at, well, how does it work, and can I understand it from a theoretical perspective that I can then teach?

Just to clarify for our readers, what is the difference between psychic and medium?

Yeah, so as I was saying in the beginning, when I’m doing a psychic reading for you, I’m tapping into your spirit and the important aspect of this is because I’m tapping into your spirit, you can tap into your own spirit as well, we call that intuition.

So, the loop between you and your intuition, if I get in that loop and I translate for you, that’s psychic, if there’s a spirit out there without a physical body and they’ve left the earthly realm, my connection with them would be mediumistic. People have psychic moments all the time. You might meet someone and go, like, I just randomly know something about this person. It’s just like a light bulb moment, right? It could be anything. It could be you get off the phone with your best friend, you’re like, gosh, she’s going to have a baby soon. Right? Like, whatever it is, that kind of light bulb moment, all that psychic. So everybody does have the potential to be psychic.

That’s so interesting! When it comes to these abilities, do you have to be born with them or can you develop them?

I think we’re all born with it. We all have an energetic being within ourselves. There’s a part of us, you can call it the spirit, the life force, soul, consciousness. It’s just that thing that’s not physical and in constant communication with its environment. So, you are born having energetic dialogue with the world around you, whether that is going to give you moments in which – on a survival level – something tells you that person is not safe, or you shouldn’t go to that thing, or you shouldn’t drive down there or whatever it is. Survival is a big part of that. It can also be about people or things you love, like knowing when someone in danger and needs you or is going to call you or thinking of you. It can also be about what you love. We’re in constant energetic dialogue. It’s not uncommon to really see that with children. But at a certain point, that energetic dialogue, that voice gets very, very, very small because it’s very internal. And that energetic dialogue happens always in an internal feedback loop and what gets a lot louder is the external feedback. So, at a certain point, we all say, I’ll pay attention to the external feedback, and some people might completely abandon the internal feedback.

So doing your readings over zoom is something, I imagine, people are quite cynical about whenever they have these kinds of readings. How does that work? How are you connecting?

Yeah, actually, most of my readings I do with no video. It’s just the audio. But it’s because energy doesn’t have a fixation on time or space or any kind of limitation, so, it doesn’t operate any better by you being in the room, because I’m not reading your physical self. I’m reading your energetic self and I’m using my energetic self to find your energetic self, and I can find you anywhere in the world. It has no limitation. I know it’s hard for us to understand, but it’s kind of like how we can scientifically explain how a cell phone works, right? It’s teaming up a satellite but it’s still amazing that these waves from our cell phones can find yours in the world. You could be in India. You could be in London. The speed of our connection will be the same, given that we have the right equipment. So, it’s like that. It just has nothing to do with it.

You touched upon this earlier in the conversation that your parents had discovered your ability. How did they discover that? What did they see?

Yeah, I was just coming out with all sorts of crazy stuff. I would just say and hold conversations with people who are no longer in the physical world. And then rather than it being imagination, my parents realised it was very real because I was coming out with real nicknames and identifying information. Stuff I couldn’t have known. They are very logical people. My dad was an engineer. My mom was a journalist at the time. They were both just looking at it from a black and white perspective. But for them, it was very like, well, facts are facts, and she’s not making it up, so whatever it is, we’ll just leave it be and we’ll help her know her boundaries or when to speak of it and not when to speak of it. And I think the other help is from the Netherlands, I do think on a cultural level, the people are open minded you know? It’s not a super limiting social country in terms of what you should believe or shouldn’t believe. People are open to the extremes in a way if it doesn’t affect them. There’s a conservatism in the country as well. But for the most part, there aren’t as many rigid boxes, I think, around spirituality and religion.

Wow. Magical, so, you mentioned that you study neuroscience. Does that help with what you do?

Yeah, I think it does. For one, it gave me quite an analytical mind. I like to see things very clearly. I like bringing in information. In reading, I work literally rather than symbolically. I think just the way my mind looks for information was very formed by all those years of studying science. But then it’s also really helped me understand how we can make room for intuition. Because when I first came into this work, one of my biggest frustrations was that on some days the reading would be great and other days I would be like, this is very annoying, that I don’t have an on and off switch. It just felt like there was no external physical thing that would differentiate if it was going to be a great day or if it was not going to be a great day. And it was so annoying for years to be like, this is highly unpredictable. But from the neuroscience angle, I could start looking at, well, when is the body in a state of relaxation?

So, a lot of my work really marries Somatic nervous system relief work with understanding how the intuition operates, because we can’t receive very subtle internal feedback if our nervous system is in a state of fight or flight. Very early on, I started looking at, okay, well, how does our brain relax? And how do we allow the nervous system to be more attuned to the subtle? I think there’s infinite interest there for me in what we’re finding out about our brains, about our nervous systems. I think it’s the coolest thing that we’re at this advanced stage of science and we still don’t know what consciousness is. We have this body, and that involves our brain and ultimately, any intuitive information, any psychic information, any mediumistic information, it must go through the mental mind. It’s never going to exist outside of it, right? Everything that comes into my awareness to share with you must be processed through my brain. So how do I create a brain that is more receptive, more skilled to allow for it, that can allow even under pressure, that can make space for intuition, even when the world or my own life is chaotic?

We are dying to ask you about this tapping into your intuition course but before you begin, how did you tailor this course? What would it look like if you were to take part in?

Yeah, it’s a four-week program and what I hope people understand primarily is what is their anxiety and what is their intuition and how they can keep themselves in a place of finding neutral at any time so they can find their intuition. Because what I feel is the biggest hindrance to intuition is we’re all sensitive beings, but we’re very much living in a non-sensitive world. So, our entire external feedback is just like intensity, right? And intuition cannot exist within that. So, the course teaches us, one, how the intuition functions on a theoretical basis so you can start to recognise it when it happens. And then two, how to soften all the external noise. That way we are constantly increasing intuition and decreasing our response to anxiety, fear, overstimulation, and external expectations. We’re like constantly doing a sense of increasing one or decreasing another so that by the end of it, people are very clear and know their patterns, know what to spot when it’s anxiety versus when it’s intuition. Those two are very easy to decipher. But if you’ve never done that work, you’ll be like, oh, they both feel like emotion, right? They both feel intense. And so there will never be a moment where you start saying, oh, that’s obvious anxiety. I’m going to look at what else they can offer me. So really, I teach the fundamental basis in four weeks in which I offer techniques that are very simple, that you can begin to place into your life, where you’re constantly increasing the intuition, you’re constantly decreasing the anxiety. And what’s been so interesting about that is when people come out of it, we’ll do these external surveys, and we’re like, hey, what did you get out of the class? And the number one thing people say is self-trust and self-confidence, which in the beginning, I was like, but I’m teaching intuition. I don’t get it. But that’s the thing, right? If you know how to listen to your own internal feedback, that automatically makes you confident. Where does confidence come from? It’s just all that internal space of, like, I know what’s right for me. So, it’s a methodology that I’ve created where if you give the brain the understanding of how intuition works, this is the theory of it. And then we work with breath work, meditation, and, like, practising it, practising how to read energy, because we’re constantly reading energy all day long, but it’s very rare that we’re learning. It is like a language in which you’re like, ah, that feeling means this, that sensation means that. Oftentimes when people have intuition, it will take six, seven months for them to get the answer if they were right or not. And because it takes six, seven months, they forget what the initial feeling was like. So, you’re slowly learning that language, but it’s taking forever. And what’s happening in the classes is that you get an immediate response.

So when you say it’s a four-week course, is this online or in person?

It’s fully online. We also do a retreat that’s in person that’s happening in Portugal, and that’s a six day fully immersive course. So, in that space, that’s interesting because we can go fully immersive with you. And rather than just identifying with anxiety and fear, we work on getting that out of the body. So, we do the work of, okay, anything that’s in the way of viewing your intuition, let’s just get rid of that – old anxieties old, fears, old trauma. We’re building it up and we’re digging out more space for it. So that one is quite immersive and quite powerful. But in the four weeks we still get to that space, we just do it slowly and a little less all-encompassing.

We live in a time that’s just super intense with social media and everything, do you have any tips for our readers on how they can tune in to their intuition more?

Yes, absolutely. I think there is such a belief system that to still the nervous system and the mind, you must meditate, and it has to look like 20 minutes, 30 minutes. But I feel like if you can do simple things like shake out your body once, twice, three times a day, that really does the same thing. So, it brings you back to baseline. When you watch an animal have an encounter that’s scary, they’ll shake out their body. Right? They release stress. And the number one thing that you want to do when you’re looking for intuition is, one, what’s your baseline? If you’re super stressed out all the time, you’re just not going to have any space to receive. So, I would rather you do these little things throughout your day. Shake out the body, flutter the lips. There are so many things that we can do that really creates this baseline of peace and rest that has nothing to do with a 20/30 minutes of meditation that are way more effective. Taking even just a minute to reset yourself in whatever way that shows up, like shaking the body, like fluttering the lips, or just like going outside and staring at a tree, like whatever it is that kind of resets you, if you can do it a few times a day, that’s way more effective for building intuition than a 30-minute meditation would be.

Interesting, that’s an amazing tip. My final question… I know you work with a lot of celebrities and I’m sure there is only so much you can tell us but, who’s been an exciting read you’ve enjoyed doing celebrity-wise?

Lately, I was working with May Whitman quite a bit and she’s a sweetheart, and then Lana Del Rey and Emma Roberts. So, those three have talked about it and then, on a more private level there are others but nothing I can really speak on. It’s a funny thing because I don’t sign NDA’s or anything, but I do not ever want anyone to feel like they would run a risk by coming to see me.

Of course. We really appreciate your time! Before you go, is there any other way our community can follow your work?  

We have a podcast where we do readings. So, if people want to listen to a reading, they can, it’s called Moving Beyond. We have two seasons up and we’re launching a third season November 10th.

I’ll definitely be tuning in and I’ll definitely find you again in a couple of years and let you know if everything you foresaw came true! 

Interview by Jyoti Matoo

Header image: Nicole Nodland


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