FKA Twigs: Artistic Expression Through Fashion

Updated: May 7

From pole dancing to singing, songwriting and, most recently, acting—FKA Twigs never ceases to impress the world with the extent of her talents. Already known as the trip-hop star with a unique look, the 30-year-old is now making her film debut in Shia LaBeouf’s Honey Boy. While Twigs delves into multiple art forms, one thing that seems to transcend all of her projects is fashion. Not only is the British-Jamaican singer a style icon, but her outfits are carefully picked out to deepen her art.

FKA Twigs first caught the public eye’s attention back in 2013 with the music video for ‘Water Me’. Her digitally enhanced wide eyes and buck teeth give her an overly youthful and innocent look that mesmerised us all. In real life, however, she walks in high wedges, sporting thick gold chains, colourful prints and bold hairstyles. There is a beautiful contrast between the softness of her voice and delicate features, and the confidence exuding from her wardrobe. Twigs represents a new generation: one whose clothes, hair and accessories speak louder than words.

Following the success of her full-length debut LP1 in 2014, Twigs takes over stages with her enchanting voice and inspirational lyrics. High-cut long skirts and bralettes; there is a dual meaning to her revealing outfits. The singer captures the sensuality of her music in body and soul; she bares her body the way that she bares her heart in her songs. We can’t help but also notice a pattern of sparkles on Twigs’ stage outfits; it only highlights her brilliance more.

Amid her feminist lyrics and unconventional style, it is no wonder that Twigs would also be an advocate for black representation. That’s why, in 2017, the singer-songwriter launched her Instagram zine Avantgarden. True to its title, the zine was created with the intent to celebrate black hair through avant-garde photography. In the fourth issue, Twigs pulled some Vivienne Westwood pieces from her old collection to embrace the unpopular combination of black braids with vintage clothing. Her statement: black hair is beautiful with any material, no matter what.

Just when you think FKA Twigs is done leaving you in awe, she proves you wrong. Earlier this year, the dancer toured for her Baroque-inspired ‘Magdalene’ show, and the costumes consisted of heavenly silk dresses and 18th century-style ensembles. The lightness with which she moves her body and carries her voice is accentuated in the thin material of the costumes and the way it flutters during a dance. Through the Baroque style of ‘Magdalene’, Twigs also exploits two of her previously hidden talents—tap and sword dance.

Just like her music genre, FKA Twig’s fashion style is too complex to define. Her ability to use fashion as an art tool is all the more inspiring, and we can’t wait to see what kind of extravagant outfits she’s going to surprise us with next.

Words by Carla Pelosoff

Graphics by Sasha Green

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