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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Feel Confident In Your Skin This World Menstruation Day

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Feel Confident In Your Skin This World Menstruation Day

Let’s face it, it’s hard to feel your best when you are on! The week when you are dealing with hormone changes, food cravings and body discomfort is not your favourite time of the month; and not every month is the same! It can be overwhelming and tricky to find the period products that work for you and that fit your lifestyle, but to help our community celebrate World Menstruation Day (in style), we have put together a few products that help ease your period week and make you feel as confident and sexy throughout.

Modibodi X PUMA

Modibodi are counteracting the stigma of period pants, making them more comfortable, practical and stylish! Modibodi collabed with Puma to create period pants that allow you to play sports in comfort, and if you can do sports in them, you can definitely go on a night out and dance with ease. They come in three different styles to give you the support you need.

You want to go swimming on your period? No problem! Modibodi has a big, colorful swimwear range with a leak-proof technology to wear on your lighter days or in combination with a tampon or menstrual cup. Being on your period has never been so stress-free.

FLO X Sex Education

FLO, a femcare brand that is “Only Natural, Never Harmful and Always Adorable” teamed up with Netflix’s Sex Education “to bring you the most empowering celebration of self-love, self-expression and self-exploration”. They created washable Period Proof Undies that feel like a hug and keep your skin dry during your period. Their brand tackles everything from sexual relations to period and bladder products – it’s a bookmarker kind of brand!


Ketish focuses on feel-good products that support women to care for their feminine health without judgement. The Potion is a blend of plant oils, soothing botanicals, and calming lavender. Applied and massaged into your skin, this body oil can comfort you during your period. You can use their Quickie wipes for a quick refresh on the go. The wipes are perfect for your intimate areas or your whole body before and after intercourse, after a sweaty workout, or on hot days.  

Ovira – Noha

Self-care is essential, especially when we are troubled with cramps during our period. To feel your best during that time, make sure you rest enough. Warm baths and hot chocolate don’t just make you feel better, the heat can also soothe your period pain.

Period cramps can limit our productivity for days. Sometimes, the only solution seems to be painrelieving medication. But we all know that that is not a long-term solution. A drug-free period pain solution is Noha. Stick it on your stomach or back, wherever you feel period pain, and switch on the device. It will start vibrating, and the gentle massage will ease your muscles. It also stops your brain from registering pain coming from your cramps. 

Words By Maxi Pfeifer

Photo Credit: Modibodi X PUMA


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