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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Fashion Icons of 2021 So Far: 6 Stars WIth Influential Style

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Fashion Icons of 2021 So Far: 6 Stars WIth Influential Style

This year’s fashion scene has been certainly a memorable one so far. Many emerging icons have taken advantage of the new opportunities that rose from societal advancements in recent times – ‘in the new roaring twenties’, at least terms of pushing the boundaries within what is deemed as appropriate and respectable.


Starting off the list, and probably the most scandalous icon of all, is Lil Nas X, who publicly came out in 2019. Since then, he has explored fashion like no other, from exquisitely tailored colorful suits, to the most avant-garde and futuristic clothing. He broke the internet numerous times thanks to his eccentric and totally authentic style, and these are some of our favourites.

Breaking the entire online community and the Christian demographic, Lil Nas X’s Montero music video was certainly a much-needed breakthrough in the industry that we’ll remember. His outfits are simply extraordinary: from pole dancing into hell with black latex thigh highs to lap dancing for Satan, he has definitely broken the stigma around the expression of one’s sexuality within the gay community, and we cannot stop obsessing over his looks.


From many, the new rising star is truly on a league of her own. She’s definitely still underrated in the industry, as her work ethic and talent is insane. But she has built an avid list of followers that are obsessed with her every single move, and her outfits are no exception.


The singer Tinashe has definitely evolved her style massively and transformed into an icon. Her looks are mysterious, sexy, eccentric and her Instagram feed makes us all ecstatic. It had been long since we were so excited for an emerging artist, but Tinashe has definitely conquered our hearts!


It come as no surprise how the model is Chanel’s and Simone Porte Jacquemus’ muse, her elegance is timeless, and the way she can pull off any outfit is truly spectacular to see.


The British drag queen has certainly stolen the spotlight after competing in Drag race UK. Her artistry shines through every single one of her looks, and we can’t stop watching.


Last but not least, Rina Lipa, the 19-year-old model has made an entry to the fashion scene. The good looks are in the family’s genes, along with a very fashionable style. She has already dominated Milan Fashion week, opening the new GCDS SS21 virtual runway show.

Words By Tommaso Donati, Graphic By Emily Chapillon


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