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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Everything We Know About The Latest Ivy Park Drop!

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Everything We Know About The Latest Ivy Park Drop!

Beyonce has once again blessed us with another drop in her Ivy Park x Adidas collection. The newest collection is designed around hitting the slopes and strutting it around the alpines, thus, the birth of what’s been dubbed as ‘Icy Park’. 

There’s a lot of buzz and excitement around this new drop, which there’s no surprise at, especially considering that the collection includes some famous faces such as Hailey Bieber, Gucci Mane, Kaash Paige alongside models; Kyla Coleman, Akesha Murray, and Shi Gray. 

The trailer that @WeAreIvyPark dropped on twitter featured all these famous faces in amongst flashes of some gorgeous apparel. The trailer is really giving us some stylish, chill and fearless vibes.

The slogan that accompanied the first two drops; ‘This is my park’ has been upgraded to ‘Your Park is Your Wonderland’. Inspiring customers to find their wonderland in their own homes, whether that be in the countryside, city, or mountains – pretty appropriate after 2020. 

Reporting on the new collection and the inspiration behind ‘Icy Park’s’ new mantra, WWD wrote that ‘she looked inward mentally, physically and emotionally. She encouraged her fans to do the same and explore questions such as: where is your beast mode, what drives you, where do your dreams lie, what is your motivation? For her, the response is: your park’. From the sneak-peak of the new collection, we can see that the apparel will give us the motivation to find the answers to those questions exactly.

Your Park Is Your Wonderland


The size-inclusive collection is a range of clothing, accessories, and footwear. Reporting on the footwear that we got a sneak-peak of in the trailer, Female First wrote; ‘The third drop boasts the updated Ivy Park Ultra Boost, Forum Lo, Forum Mid and Super Sleep sneakers, plus the new Super Sleek Boot’, which means we can rest safely in the knowledge that we’ll have some killer kicks to get active in this year. The clothing in the new collection appears to be a mix of some terrycloth pieces and some super comfortable, cosy items- ideal for winter. Excitingly, it appears as though this new collection also features some items of clothing that are decorated with a new Ivy Park monogram. 

The collection was announced today, and we know we won’t be the only ones lining up to get in on this new drop that’s ‘coming soon’ (we’re still thinking about that pink monogrammed get-up that Hailey Bieber had on). 

Words by Megan Selway


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