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10 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Ellie Goulding Unleashes her Alter Ego in ‘Brightest Blue’ Album: Featuring Single Slow Grenade

10 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Ellie Goulding Unleashes her Alter Ego in ‘Brightest Blue’ Album: Featuring Single Slow Grenade

Ellie Goulding Brightest Blue Album
Ellie Goulding Brightest Blue Album

Ellie Goulding has undoubtedly revealed her rebellious and unapologetic alter ego in her first album release in five years. Yes, five years. We all know Ellie for her soft, crackly vocals and ‘gets deep’ in iconic singles including ‘Love Me Like You Do’ and her rendition of Elton Johns ‘Our Song’. Well not this time, her confidence and power in her voice behind this album is unparallel to anything we’ve heard before. Stepping away from the innocent Ellie we have gotten to know, the woman power is new album is second to none as she addresses her vulnerability and insecurities she has faced through her career.

Talking of heartbreak and toxic ex’s, Ellie opens up about her previous relationships singing “I could call a truce with anyone but you” to give us a powerful and relatable (*preach*) 13 song album we can all relate to. It’s an album that comes hand in hand with a glass of wine and a cry of release over a breakup.

Elie Goulding Brightest Blue Teaser Trailer

The English singer has been dropping singles and videos since last year, including a surprise lyric video for her next single “Slow Grenade”, which came out on the 3rd of July. The song- featuring American producer and singer/songwriter Lauv- is a classic Goulding anthem of love and heartbreak and is accompanied by a truly ethereal video. As the song plays, the visual takes you on a voyage through a forest, with the lyrics on the bottom of the screen. Flowers sprout from the floor, sparks and fireflies swirl before the camera, and pulse along with the beat of the song. The video is beautiful and is the perfect accompaniment for the song. As the song builds after the second verse, the number of lights increases. And it becomes a scene of floodlights and strobe lights. Fireworks seem to burst from the ground, and the entire forest is cast in a purple glow with golden flecks cutting through it.

Slow Grenade by Ellie Goulding ft Lauv from Ellie Goulding Youtube

The single itself starts with a very simple combination of chords, easing you into the experience. When Goulding’s voice is introduced, it’s raw and pure. However, it isn’t long before there’s a more electronic element to the vocals and music. The combination of sounds makes the song feel more complex and gives it depth. Like walking through a forest, you constantly explore new elements. When Lauv’s voice is introduced in the second verse, it adds another layer to this. A deeper tone to combat Goulding’s higher vocals. As the song continues to increase in tempo and build, a layered effect is applied to Goulding’s vocals, furthering the kaleidoscope feeling the song has. The song is also very catchy- the blossoming beat is repetitive in the best way. The lyrics are trapped in your mind when you listen to it, as well as the beat itself. There are so many variables, and it feels like you’re being pulled into an entirely new world.

Both the video and the song are beautiful, and they transport you. “Slow Grenade” has been featured on Ellie Goulding’s new album Brightest Blue, released today.

Words by Abigail Forrest

Graphics by Clare Stephenson


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