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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team Did You Know The Light From Your Computer Screen Is Damaging Your Skin ?

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Did You Know The Light From Your Computer Screen Is Damaging Your Skin ?

In the modern world, we are spending more time on screens than ever before. These screens emit blue light that can be harmful to our eyes but can also damage the skin.

The largest source of blue light that exists is sunlight. Digital devices don’t release as much blue light as the sun. However, by the time the sunlight reaches us, the blue light has diffused significantly. We hold our devices much closer to our faces meaning we are exposed to a concentrated amount of blue light. With many of us spending a sizable amount of time on phones and laptops, it suggests that we are at a higher risk of blue light exposure. Many studies have indicated that blue light could be a lot stronger than we think. Blue light can penetrate the skin and break down collagen. Not only this, but
blue light can weaken the skin’s surface, promoting stressors in the skin that cause ageing from light exposure. The radiation created by blue light leads to the skin losing antioxidants which unsettles the skin barrier.

Protecting the skin from blue light is now more vital than ever as it can stop premature ageing. Skincare products with antioxidants will help to prevent any long-lasting effects of blue light. Antioxidants work to repair any damage to the skin and neutralise free radicals. Zinc oxide is another powerful ingredient that is effective when protecting the skin against blue light damage. Using a serum packed with antioxidants such as Paula’s Choice Power Berry Serum will be sure to protect the skin from blue light. Berries are very nutritious for the skin and have repairing properties. There are 13 pigmented berries inside this product that work well alongside the antioxidants to protect the skin against free radicals. This serum would be an ideal addition to your routine as it works well with other skincare products due to its weightless texture.

The Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defence is an effectual product helping to shield the skin from blue light. This defence cream works so well due to one of the main ingredients being zinc oxide. Green tea is another active ingredient in this cream. Green tea is an antioxidant that reduces free radical damage that our skin acquires through light exposure. Containing SPF30, it also keeps the skin safe from harmful UV rays. With its invisible feeling and lightweight consistency, this mineral cream can integrate into any skincare routine with ease.

A must-have product for living in the 21st century is the One Ocean Beauty Blue Light Protection and Hydration Mist. The sole purpose is to protect the skin against the effects of exposure to blue light. Therefore, it is a very efficient product. If you find that you’re staring at a screen all day long, then this spray is for you. It is full of radiation-resistant microorganisms that prepare the skin for blue light exposure. At the same time, it repairs any photoaging signs such as wrinkles or darker spots. Spritzing this over the face three times a day will defend the skin against blue light while keeping the skin hydrated and softened. It is a sustainable option as the packaging is 100% recyclable.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Jelly Mist is another alternative to creams. This facial spray protects the skin against the effects of blue light in a more natural way. Inside this jelly mist is a blend of edelweiss, Criste marine and sea holly. These are plant stem cells that are known for their ability to renew the skin and protect it. Hydrating and lightweight, this spray keeps the skin looking supple when exposed to blue light and environmental aggressors. Easy to use and a non-sticky texture, what’s not to love?

Words by Eleanor Coleman


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