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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team Burberry Rebooted: A Change of Direction For British Luxury

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Burberry Rebooted: A Change of Direction For British Luxury

Burberry has undergone a rebranding. The iconic British luxury brand has released their latest campaign, which happens to be the first campaign released under the direction of new chief creative officer, Daniel Lee. Burberry are taking a bold step in the modernisation of their brand due to its rich heritage and associated prestigious nature. However, this campaign has shown us they are not sacrificing the historic brand ties to British culture, nor their own brand identity. 

The brand has done well to express to us that this is the new them and changes will be occurring. All past Instagram imagery has been removed, leaving no traces of the past within their social media presence. Their logo has also been updated too, re-enforcing this is not a drill for the fashion giant. A fresh perspective and direction for the brand is on the horizon.

However, the campaign is still heavily influenced by the brand’s heritage and association with Britain. The campaign features many British musicians, including John Glacier and Shygirl. The images were specifically and intentionally captured in front of many famous landmarks around London, such as Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. Their iconic check features in many of the new shots as well as signature pieces, such as the Burberry trench coat. We have therefore been re-assured that they will not lose their heritage, as they adapt for the modern market and consumer. 

We are excited to see what is instore for Burberry as Daniel Lee takes over the branding. A collection has not yet been created under his authority, however, will only be a matter of time.

Words By Erin Wilson

Header Image: Burberry’s Instagram


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