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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team ‘Blokette’ – 2023’s Hottest New Trend

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

‘Blokette’ – 2023’s Hottest New Trend

We’ve all seen the Blokecore aesthetic that has been taking over fashion TikTok for some months now, but today we give you ‘Blokette.’ A term coined by the podcast Nymphet Alumni, the latest trend to surface combines the dress sense of your average British male with the hyper-feminine Coquette trend, and we are already seeing its impact on the fashion world.


Blokecore ultimately channels the aesthetic of stereotypical British male culture, think football t-shirts, baggy jeans and Adidas trainers, and has been extremely popular online since earlier this summer. The posterchild for this trend is 90’s Damon Albarn but you can gather inspiration as easily as seeing the outfits worn by football fans at matches. The best thing about this trend is that, despite what the name might suggest, it is not limited by gender. The Blokecore aesthetic has been adopted and perfectly executed by all gender identities, taking what was once a stereotypically masculine look and making it an inclusive fashion trend.


Coquette is quite the opposite of Blokecore. Favouring the hyper-feminine, the Coquette trend is all about lace, frills and ribbons. The pastel pinks and bows work to channel the ultimate stereotype of femininity, something that is often mocked within society, as an attempt to reclaim girliness.


Now this is where things get interesting, Blokette combines these opposing aesthetics to create visually interesting looks that play with the constructs of gender. You might see a football shirt paired with leg warmers and hair ribbons, or a zipped sports top with a long skirt and Adidas Sambas. Stars such as Bella Hadid and Enya Umanzor have been popularising this look as they play with notions of gendered dressing, accentuating both masculinity and femininity in their outfits.

Wales Bonner

It can be argued that a large inspiration behind this trend is British design house Wales Bonner. Wales Bonner has been reinventing athleisure within the world of high fashion for many years now, with their SS21 and AW21 collection proving particularly relevant within the Bloke and Blokette aesthetics. On top of this is the widely successful Adidas x Wales Bonner collaboration that celebrates the resurgence of vintage inspired sportswear.

Adidas Sambas

Already the ‘it’ shoe of the moment, the Blokette trend is yet another win for the Adidas Samba. The ultimate ‘dad’ trainer has been reinvented in these past seasons becoming Gen Z’s most wanted shoe of the year, especially the coveted Adidas x Wales Bonner collaboration.

Miu Miu Ballet Flats

On the opposite end of the Blokette spectrum lives the other shoe of the year, the Miu Miu Ballerinas. These shoes may have been controversial at first as many despaired over the return of the ballet flat, but they have quickly won everyone over. Pair these with a baggy football kit and knee-high socks and you have perfected the Blokette look.

Image Credit: @waldorflifestyle

Hair Ribbons

Hair ribbons are potentially the hair accessory of the year and it’s only January. The likes of Alexa Chung and Hailey Bieber have already been seen sporting variations of this hair look, proving it is only going to get more popular. Hair ribbons tie into the overtly feminine side of Blokette and are a simple and easy way to add femininity back into your look.

Leg Warmers and High Socks

Leg warmers and high socks are a really interesting aspect of this trend as they still stick to the themes of athleisure and sportswear found in Blokecore but they do so in a hyper-feminine way. The use of leg warmers recentres traditionally feminine modes of sport such as ballet and dance and works perfectly to reclaim girliness in the sports realm where female dominated activities are often taken less seriously.

Ultimately, Blokette plays with the notions of masculinity and femininity in the world of athleisure and sports culture. The juxtaposing ideas of Blokecore and Coquette create looks that are multidimensional and interesting on the eye. Potentially the most exciting aspect of Blokette is that it can be done in so many different ways, you could dress in a primarily feminine way and add masculine accents or vice versa. Playing with Blockette-core is truly a beautiful game.

Words By: Amelia Gregory


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