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Black Trans Lives Matter: How To Donate To Support The Movement

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As the wind of the Black Lives Matter protests keeps rising in America and around the world, the beginning of Pride Month marks a new addition to the movement in support of Black trans people.

Together, the LGBTQ+ community and the BLM movement have been the protagonists of this week’s latest protests. Activists have rallied in multiple cities across the U.S. to highlight undermining issues that affect Black LGBTQ+ individuals, such as police brutality, discrimination, and racism.

Thousands of people have marched for change and justice following the killing of two Black trans women, Dominique “Rem’mie” Fells, 27, and Riah Milton, 25. Fells was found dead on the shore of the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, while Milton was shot several times in a robbery attempt in Ohio.

Dominique Fells and Riah Milton Illustrations by African@AAPolicyForum

Their deaths fuelled anger among the Black and the LGBTQ+ communities, especially after the police misgendered the victims and following the decision of President Trump to allow health care providers to deny support for trans individuals.

It’s not the first time Black trans people have been targeted or discriminated by the police: earlier in March, three other Black trans individuals were murdered and their names never got to be remembered.

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As reported by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), in 2020 there’s been at least 15 transgender or gender non-conforming people murdered by violent means, but many other stories may still be unreported.

However, united in a country-wide protest, people are demanding to have justice, to say their names, and to show love to Black trans lives. On June 14, an estimated 50,000 people manifested in New York City, Los Angeles and Brooklyn, equipped with colourful signs and white t-shirts as a nod to the 1917 silent protest parade organised by the NAACP.

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The peaceful protests and silent vigils were also accompanied by Drag marches, speakers and Pride Liberation manifestations, and will continue to protest in the next couple of days.

Some of the organisations present at the rallies included: the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, The Okra Project and Black Trans Femmes.

‘All Black Lives Matter’, the powerful statement painted on Hollywood Boulevard, LA, is the background for these protests which have now flooded social media feeds.

On Twitter, the families and friends of the victims share some thoughts and memories, inciting people to call for justice. The hashtags #sayhername and #BlackTransLivesMatter serve as a tribute to them but also to get people involved in the protests.

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Between protests, petitions and donations, there are many ways you can spread awareness to help the movement: with the many LGBTQ+ organisations involved, you can financially support the community by visiting their website and make a donation.

Donate here: The Okra Project

The Black Trans Travel Fund Black Visions Collective All About Trans The Marsha P. Johnson Institute GoFundMe (for Fells and Milton’s funerals)

You can also share the number for the first transgender suicide hotline in the U.S., the

Trans Lifeline. Reach at 877-565-8860.

Additionally, these are some of the petitions you can sign:

Justice for Pete

Protect Black Trans Women!

More protection for Black Trans Women UK

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