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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Beyoncé And Nadia Lee Cohen Have Teamed Up To Bring Us Renaissance Act II: But Who Is Nadia Lee Cohen?

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Beyoncé And Nadia Lee Cohen Have Teamed Up To Bring Us Renaissance Act II: But Who Is Nadia Lee Cohen?

During the Superbowl, Beyoncé set off a bang in the music industry by announcing the drop of Renaissance Act II during an advert in which she starred for Verizon, and shortly after created equal waves in the fashion world after announcing the brilliant Nadia Lee Cohen would be behind the visuals for the album. 


The success of Nadia’s portfolio up to now has earned her a loyal army of fashion groupies eagerly awaiting her next piece of work. She has become one of the trendiest visual artists of the moment. But who is she? And how has she projected to the level that she has?


Simi & Haze for “Women” – Nadia Lee Cohen https://www.nadialeecohen.com/women-2020

Nadia Lee is a British photographer and videographer; she was born in the British countryside and has always had a passion for photography and film making. Her parents used to create her sets to photograph in the garage of her childhood home and after discovering her talent, she promptly moved to London to study Photography at the London College of Fashion. 

Nadia Lee Cohen https://www.instagram.com/p/C0X3zJXRYt_/

Lily for “Women” – Nadia Lee Cohen https://www.nadialeecohen.com/women-2020

As a part of her master’s project, Cohen headed to LA to capture her go to golden age americana aesthetic, only to discover the real Hollywood Boulevard was one of trashy stores and broken dreams. 

Credits – Nadia Lee Cohen https://www.nadialeecohen.com/women-2020

This sad reality of the state of a place she had dreamed of became her new inspiration and her saturated surreal dreamscape photography began to focus on the visual terrors of the urban environment. “The world I photograph and create doesn’t reside in the same world that we live in,” Nadia is recorded saying.

Miriam for “Women” – Nadia Lee Cohen https://www.nadialeecohen.com/women-2020

To those less fascinated by the world of fashion photography Cohen is best known for the people she’s worked with, and she has built quite the portfolio photographing several high-profile celebrities with her own spin.


She has also achieved incredible accolades in filmography. She visually directed the music video for Tyler the Creator and Kali Uchis “After the Storm” music video, A$ap Rocky’s “Babushka Boi” as well as Playboy and several short films.

“After The Storm” Stills – Kali Chis Feat. Tyler The Creator https://www.instagram.com/p/BeYhANbhnC2/

By Nadia Lee Cohen – “Women” & “Hello, My Name Is”

She’s also published two books documenting her work. One titled “Women” in 2020 documenting exactly that –  Women – which stared the stunning Alexa Demie and Simi & Haze as well as Cohen herself making a feature. Followed by “Hello, My Name Is” in 2021 – a book in which Cohen photographs her own self portrait while dressing as different characters.


Skims – Kim Kardashian 2023

Recently Nadia Lee was the creative genius behind the photography for Skims winter holiday collection that depicted brand founder Kim Kardashian in the style of vintage 60’s magazines. As well as advertising the brands silky boxers, all in ones and fluffy crop tops the shoot also used props like snow boots and skis to create the vintage wintery aesthetic.


CR Fashion Book – Kim Kardashian 2023

In 2023 Cohen shot Kim Kardashians 4th cover with CR Fashion magazine, and being the first magazine to ever give Kim a cover this one was likely quite sentimental. CR Stated Kim has been a muse since the cover of that issue in Fall/Winter 2013 – and in this shoot Nadia Totally re-envisioned their muse to the point she was almost unrecognisable.


Interview Magazine – Kim Kardashian 2022

Nadia also shot Kim for the ‘American Dream Issue’ of Interview Magazine, and the interview to go with, which ended up being onE of the magazines most read articles ever. I think we have to admit Kim is the perfect pick for this cover, being one of, if not the most famous women in America.



Interview Magazine – Lana Del Rey 2023

Lana had an amazing tell all with Interview, in which she was interviewed by Billie Eilish and was shot by Nadia Lee Cohen. So many people have said this photoshoot is prime Lana and exactly how they see her style and image.



Skims – Lana Del Rey 2024

Nadia also recently shot another Skims campaign featuring Lana for their Valentines collection, which turned out incredible and again, was so in Lana’s romantic style and reflected the vibe of her music, which takes a lot of inspiration from love and heartbreak.





Written By Lauren Dickson


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