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Beauty Community Raise Money for COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund

Nikkie Tutorials, Patrick Star, Bretman Rock, Glam&Gore, Manny MUA, James Charles Nikita Dragun and Louis life

The online YouTube beauty community comes together to rally against the Corona Virus outbreak with the biggest beauty YouTube Collab.

James Charles, a known icon in the beauty community, recently came together with some of his friends to film a fundraiser video to raise funds for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO. The video has managed to raise just under five million dollars after Google pledged to match and double every initial public donation.

The group filmed a Collab get ready with me with a different influencer doing different parts of the makeup challenge. The video featured YouTube stars like Nikkie Tutorials, Patrick Star, Bretman Rock, Glam&Gore, Manny MUA, and even Nikita Dragun who has previously worked with Voir and appeared on our recent Voir Fashion Issue 25: Meet The New Gen Warriors!

One of the few positive effects of the Corona Virus has brought is that now more than ever the world can unite under a common problem and we all understand the common struggle of being under lockdown and the fear it brings to everyone. Even the online beauty community which seems to have a scandal every other day has come together with efforts like those of James Charles and Beauty United. To raise funds and support their surrounding communities.

Words by Precious Njoki

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