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Back to Lindsay: Lindsay Lohan Returns With a New Song...

Collage of Lindsay Lohan from her Beach Club Show, Norman Jean Roy for Vanity Fair and by Jenna Greene for Variety

Former teen idol, Lindsay Lohan has officially made her comeback in music with her new single ‘Back To Me’. The Mean Girls star - now 33 years old - released the track last Friday after 12 years of break and immediately raised the hype around her upcoming album. This is the first time the singer - now signed with Republic Records - has shared new music since her two sophomore albums Speak (2004) and A Little More Personal (Raw) (2005). Lohan took over her social media to announce her return to music, teasing and posting snippets of the track on both Twitter and Instagram with the caption ‘’I’m back’’.

In 2019, MTV transmitted her reality show ‘Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club’ which ran for only one season due to low ratings. On the Internet, the actress gained success becoming a source of many memes, such as the video where she is seen dancing at her Greek Beach Club or when she took part in the ‘Do the Lilo’ dance challenge which started after trending for some weeks on Twitter. Her previous song ‘Xanax’ wasn’t an official release - as it only debuted on Virgin Radio Dubai in 2019 and exclusively on her Instagram’s IGTV - but it marked a new direction for her music. In ‘Back To Me’, she seemingly looks back at her past, recalling her problematic career and acknowledging how much she’s changed after all these years.

Lindsay Lohan by Jenna Greene for Variety, 'Mean Girls', her 'Speak' and 'A Little More Personal' album covers

Although the topic of the single is very personal, the tone retains a tropical, almost clubby rhythm which invites you to dance to it. At the beginning of the song, Lohan introduces the listener to her intimacy, conveying her introspective message about moving on and rediscovering yourself. In the opening verse, she sings: ‘I used to blame me when s**t got crazy / I can’t think too much about what they say’. Lohan here is referencing her troubled early career and substance abuse under the spotlight.

From the pre-chorus, she sings over a pulsating beat her message of acceptance and self-discovery: "My life is full of ripped up pages / I've been weak, contagious, / But I'm coming back, I'm coming back to me / Oh, but I know that everything changes.” But it’s in the chorus that the song comes alive with a deep reverb which accentuates the feeling she chose to convey. A slow repetition of the words ‘To me’ introduces the title, which pulsates along with different beats and sounds creating a bouncy dimension. The track may not be topical since it was probably planned prior the coronavirus spread, but for those looking for a distraction or something to cheer up during the quarantine, Lohan’s comeback is an intriguing possibility.

Lyric Video For Lindsay Lohan's New Single 'Back to Me'

Words by Gennaro Costanzo

Cover by Gennaro Costanzo

Graphics by Katie Janes

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