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10 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Autumn/Winter 23 Trends Are Anything But Austere

10 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Autumn/Winter 23 Trends Are Anything But Austere

 Autumn/Winter Fashion Week might feel like a long time ago, but the autumn season is only just approaching. As summer draws to a close, trends like Barbie core and Neon colours, will soon fade away making room for cosier and warmer attire. As fashion enthusiasts brace themselves for the wardrobe transition, we’ve curated the trends set to dominate the streets.

Business Attire

 The Autumn/Winter 2023 season embraces business attire with a renewed sense of elegance and power. Precision-cut tailoring takes centre stage as designers adopt a pared-back approach, favouring clean lines and classic silhouettes. The focus lies in creating an authoritative yet refined look. The ’80s make a comeback through exaggerated shoulders and exaggerated silhouettes. Classic styles, like plain black suits, blazers, pencil skirts, and shirts, are elevated with subtle twists, while the black tie captures timeless sophistication as well as embracing a modern edge.


The ballet core trend gets its fashion treatment showcasing ribbons delicately positioned to evoke an air of grace and charm. From mini feminine bows to XXL, they emerge as a key embellishment, adorning tops, dresses, bags, and shoes. In different materials like satin and vinyl, they are as elegant as avant-garde and capable of elevating any ensemble to its fullest potential.


This timeless pattern, traditional from Scotland, and then adopted by Punk subcultures, undergoes a reinvention this season with a strikingly vibrant colour palette. Unconventional colour combinations imbue a contemporary flair into the traditional design. Displayed across diverse garments such as capes, oversized coats, tube skirts, and necklaces, the tartan trend harmonizes tradition with modernity, presenting a rejuvenated approach to a timeless motif.

Black Lace

Sensuality and femininity take the lead this Autumn-Winter season. Black lace emerges as a key trend, portraying an edgy yet refined aesthetic. Whether adorning full dresses or adding delicate accents, for evening elegance or casual chic, this trend seamlessly blends the classic with the avant-garde, delivering sophistication at its core.


 Florals? For Autumn? Groundbreaking! Gothic Florals? Even better! Neither girly nor romantic; they emanate a gothic aura with moody-hued blooms juxtaposed against deep colours such as black or charcoal grey. This fresh interpretation of Spring florals draws inspiration from grey skies and long nights, presenting a poetic and subtly darker allure.


Feathers were recurrent in collections, adding glamour and opulence to various ensembles. This dramatic trend surprisingly finds its place in both minimalistic garments and extravagant dresses and coats, showcasing its remarkable versatility. Ranging from playful ornamentation to flamboyant aesthetics, this trend imbues looks with an opulent dimension and a creative twist.

Sheer Fabrics

Not entirely certain if it’s the most fitting choice for wintertime, but sheer fabrics have endured for quite some time, emerging as the quintessential indoor “wow” element. Creating an intriguing play of opacity and transparency, this trend is sexy and combined with the right accessories is sophisticated and elegant.

Christmas Red

Head-to-toe red ensembles take the spotlight this season. Evoking memories of Christmas time, this shade is poised to establish itself as a holiday essential. Bold, chic, and audacious, a complete red outfit makes a statement of individuality and confidence.


As every year, metallic hues are summoned for the holiday season. Perhaps it’s their resemblance to Christmas lights or the backdrop of dark winter nights, but the realm of fashion remains unwilling to let it go. Nevertheless, every season witnesses the reinvention of this trend, offering a fresh perspective on the holiday wardrobe. Traditionally dominated by gold, this year, silver takes centre stage as a prominent metallic shade. It is characterised by high shine finishes that introduce a touch of opulence. Glittering sequins, molten lamé fabrics, and plush metallic coats infuse a sense of glamour into the festive season.

Black And Whites

This classic combination exudes timeless elegance, providing a versatile canvas for an array of styles and aesthetics. Infusing a sense of refinement and sophistication, this trend harmonises with the season’s pursuit of understated yet luxurious looks.

Written By Carolina Benjumea

Header Image By Mia Washbrook


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