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2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Asap Rocky and Mercedes-Benz Collaborate ‘To Shape The Now’

2 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Asap Rocky and Mercedes-Benz Collaborate ‘To Shape The Now’

At Paris Fashion Week, ASAP Rocky hit the front row of Off-White’s show in a leather Mercedes- Benz bomber, a look that had us speculating the possibility of a collaboration between the rapper and the hip-hop affiliated car brand. The rapper finally enlightened us about the outfit yesterday as he revealed to Instagram that he has been secretly working on a collaboration between the iconic car brand and his own fashion label AWGE.

In the ad campaign, ASAP admitted that Mercedes has always had a cultural influence on his personal style and identity due to its familiarity in the hip-hop world, a comment that comes as no surprise when considering the brand’s affiliation with the rap scene (the car has been referenced in the works of hip hop legends from Jay- Z to N.W.A). Speaking to GQ about the collection, ASAP admitted Mercedes had a cultural impact on him from being young. The star joked how he used to buy bootleg Mercedes logos in downtown New York; demonstrating the admiration and respect Mercedes has gained from the rap star over the years.

The collection is made for street style lovers, regardless of gender identity. High-quality joggers, hoodies, and caps adorn the circular Mercedes logo while remaining stylishly minimal in white and black hues. So, it’s no surprise the announcement of the drop had excited fans deeming it ‘the best collab of the year’ on social media. Even Mercedes joined in on the comment section hype, deeming the collaboration a ‘uniting of icons’.

And, if you thought you loved online shopping before, the virtual purchasing experience of the collection is like nothing else. After heading to the AWGE site to purchase your own Mercedes merch, you’ll be met by a vintage video game simulation that allows you to shop the garments while collecting Mercedes tokens in a race car (and if we weren’t so excited to check out, we’d be amused by it all day).

One of the most exciting pieces in the collection is the reversible orange and black bomber that ASAP sports in the ad, its bold style and blazing Mercedes logo speaks to the collaboration’s identity of ‘dreaming bigger’ and ‘shaping the now’.

The collaboration is truly unique in its united ethos of speaking to a generation that favours casual and stylish attire. The collection is a cultural reset, available to buy now!

Words By Olivia Booth

Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz Instagram


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