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6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Art And Whisky Meet In A Brand New Digital Immersive Experience

6 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Art And Whisky Meet In A Brand New Digital Immersive Experience

Are you an art and whisky lover with zero plans this weekend? If you are, or if you simply enjoy innovative experiences, we have good news. For two days only, a new avant-garde digital art show will arrive at the immersive FLANNELS X London space. From the 6th of October, the 360º display inaugurates the “Masterpiece of Tomorrow’ series presented by The Dalmore, championing the next generation of creative prodigies. In ‘Lycorises Reverie’, rising stars Xin Liu and Nan Zhao explore the intricate journey of life through whisky in a free exhibition. Elaborated in partnership with Artnet and FLANNELS X, it’s the perfect prelude to one of the most influential art fairs in the city, Frieze London.

With Lycorises Reverie, Xin Lue turns her famed blend of art and science to create a digital masterpiece. With media artist and scientist Nan Zhao, the 30 under 30 Asia member invites guests into a conscious-bending garden in different dimensions (with hallucinogen music to match). Journeying through volcanos, cyberspace, and alien deserts, viewers are inspired to probe the complexities and unfolding of our lives- our constant change and growth.

For The Dalmore, this embrace of the passage of time is reflected through their whisky-making process. 184 years after its founding, the Scottish distillery has turned its world-renowned mastery, excellence, and craftsmanship to the art world. For emerging creative Lue, she honors the single-malt craft through the color palette. ‘We drew from the colors, especially the amber tones in The Dalmore’, she said to Arnet. ‘I was really inspired by fermentation, this color change in the microbes from green to yellow as they are slowly dying. We incorporated that color change in the show as part of the story, when the flowers are going through a transitional rebirthing process.’

This cutting-edge show will only last until the 8th of October, so be sure to drop by 161-197 Oxford Street if you’re craving a little art– or a lot of whisky.

Words By Alexia De Las Heras

Header Image Xin Liu


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