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4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team Let’s Stop and Listen For A Minute: Alicia Key’s Drops Her New Single ‘Love Looks Better’

4 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Let’s Stop and Listen For A Minute: Alicia Key’s Drops Her New Single ‘Love Looks Better’

Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys image via Jamie Mccarthy/Getty Images

The American singer brings us a powerful single that makes us reflect on the importance of sharing time with those we love the most.

This talented singer with thirteen Grammys has surprised us in recent months with songs like ‘Good Job’, her recent single So Done with Khalid.

After postponing the release of her new album ALICIA in March due to the pandemic, this revolutionary artist brings us ‘Love Looks Better’, a composition and co-production by OneRepublic member Ryan Tedder, Larrance Dopson and Noel Zancanella.

Alicia Keys- Love looks better (audio)

With her melodious voice and high and strong vocals, Keys presented her new single at the inaugural event of the new 2020 NFL season, as an incentive to her new project to collaborate with entrepreneurs from the African American community, which has already reached the billion dollars.

Her lyrics inspire and motivate us to appreciate the time in which we live, it helps us to reflect on the value of encounters and real relationships, to understand the importance of having each other and enjoying every second connected. In such a busy time as the one we live in, and after a lockdown, it is a melody to dont forget the importance of being there and expressing our feelings. “Let’s take a moment to remember how powerful it is to see each other, to really see each other,” Alicia said at the opening.

With his deep and soulful lyrics, Keys stated, “This song has such an energy! It really talks about how busy we’ve become, how fast we got used to moving, and now we realize that my love looks better on you. It’s time to really be present for each other”.

Aware of society and an agent of change, this woman uses her platforms to encourage the movement Black lives matter and to support the rights of the black community and its talents. To get more excited, this R&B singer will soon surprise us with a romantic comedy production on Netflix, via AK Worldwide, and we do not doubt that it will be as successful as her musical career.

Oh, can we touch for a second, Be us for a second, Don’t matter what I give it to… my love looks better on you, Alicia. Words by Cami Mendez


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