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7 Online Hacks to Help Your Internal Shopaholic

Now that we don’t have the long walks to the department store to keep us from shopping and all our favourite things are a click away there is nothing to stop you from shopping the quarantine blues away but before you fall into all the traps, regret how much money you have spent, return it because it doesn’t fit, here are a few hacks to help you shop online.

Discounts, and where to find them

The feeling of getting a discount on your shopping is always a bonus to the shopping experience. What you don’t know is that not all discounts are advertised on the site page. So how can you find theses discounts apps like Honey (available in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom) and Rakuten rewards work to search for any discounts around your purchase? Another way to find discounts is to ask for them. Most shopping websites have the chat boxes at the bottom you can ask there if they have any discounts.

Honey - https://www.joinhoney.com

Rakuten rewards - https://www.rakuten.co.uk

Shop before you shop

If you go onto an online shopping website not knowing what you want to buy best believe you will leave, there having bought a lot of things and very few of them ever turn out to be a steal. To aid this you need shop before you shop. Websites like 'shop style' help you to find clothes based on trends and also discounts available. This may help you know what you want to buy before you officially shop for them online.

Shop style https://www.shopstyle.com

Leave it for later

Another hack that has been seen to work for some. The idea is to shop for the items you want and leave them in the cart usually some websites will contact you to remind you of your items and if you don’t buy them sometimes, they sweeten the pot by sending you deals of free shipping or any discounts that may be applicable.

Different sites different size

Have you ever shopped on a website and you picked your correct size, yet your item still came a bit too small or big? Before you swear off anything here is a hack for you grab yourself a tape measure and take your own measurements and note them down. A site like Size charter allows you to find your perfect fit based on different brands giving you your size in different popular brands.

Size charter http://www.sizecharter.com

If you are new let them know

Almost all shopping websites offer discounts to their first-time customer or customers without a personal account with them. If you are really looking to save that extra 10% -20% maybe, it’s time to make it official and open an account. They also offer additional discounts if you invite a friend it all depends on how bad you want that discount.

Follow your brands on social media

If you have a specific brand you love or just always have the products for you it is time to declare your love and follow them on their social media this will help you get ahead of their product releases discounts or upcoming sales also if the love is real you can also participate in their giveaways you might be the lucky winner.

Schedule your shopping to discount seasons

By now if you are a true shopper you already know the same seasons beginning of summer and winter and also our favourite holidays black Friday and cyber Monday. During these times you are likely to find the biggest discounts out there so If you could schedule your shopping around these times you will find you have an easier time especially if you have already done the previous steps of planning what you want to buy.

Words by Precious Njoki

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