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3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team 7 Life Saving Beauty Hacks

3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

7 Life Saving Beauty Hacks

Let’s face it, even the biggest beauty moguls love a genius hack; so Voir is bringing to you seven that will take your typical make-up routine up a step in no time. These seven hacks will not only guarantee to bring more fun to your everyday make-up routine, they will also save you in those times of dire desperation.

1. Nailing It!

Everybody has found their nails looking worse for wear with the remnants of last week’s varnish scrapes left on when they’re rushing to a big event. The nightmare only worsens when you come to the realisation that you have run out of nail varnish remover. Not to fear, dot on a layer of nail varnish over the top of the nail scrapes and leave to soak for about 20 seconds. Wipe off the wet varnish with a cotton pad and you will find it brings off the under-layer along with it.

Beauty intro

2. Lash Out!

Isn’t everyone just so sick of buying strip lashes over and over again for them to just be ruined after a few wears? Instead of throwing them in the bin, cut the strips into clusters and keep the cleaner, re-usable parts. Applying these clusters of lashes will create the perfect fluffy eyelash look or you can easily achieve the wispy cat eye look with longer clusters on the outer eyes.

Strip Lashes hack

3. Get The Glow

Trying to achieve that golden glowing look? Add this to the ‘Get-the-Glow’ rule book; never forget the ears. Adding a pop of highlight to your ears will help bring further structure to your face. This is mandatory for those hair-up days.

Get the Glow hack

4. Powder Your Nose

OK, don’t panic with this one. Applying the correct blusher to your nose makes for a cute and rosy look. Yes, you read it correctly; blusher on the nose. Be sure to stay away from red and blue toned blushers and only use peachy ones with a light hand. I learnt this technique from Victoria’s Secret 2016 show and I promise, you’ll never look back.

Nose blush hack

5. Lush for Lashes

Vaseline is without a doubt the most notorious product in the world of make-up. Pushing your eyelashes and eyebrows upwards with some of this before bed will encourage hair growth in an upwards motion. Repeating this will help you to achieve longer lashes as well as the infamous fluffy eyebrow look in the long term.

Vaseline hack

6. Colour My Lips

Here we have another reason why Vaseline is an absolute staple product in any make-up kit. You can literally create any lipstick shade with a little eye shadow pigment mixed into it. Yes, any shade. Let your artistic mind go wild.

7. Lip Salvage

Do you find yourself spending copious amounts of your hard-earned money on expensive lipsticks for them to be gone in a few weeks? Don’t be fooled by the deceiving packaging of the product. Using a blunt knife, carefully stick it down into the bottom of the lipstick and scrape out the remnants. Pat these down into an empty jar. Normally you’ll find about 1/5 of the lipstick hiding down there. Thank me later.

Lip Salvage hack

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