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1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team 7 Handbags Trends We Can’t Stop Thinking About

1 month ago, by Voir Editorial Team

7 Handbags Trends We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Handbags are the rise and downfall of every outfit. And when summer is on the horizon, it is finally time to pair our flowy dresses and sandals with a bomb handbag. There are so many unique shapes, colours and materials trending on social media that it can be hard to find your perfect It-bag. Therefore, we have listed our favourite seven handbag trends we can’t stop thinking of.

Scrunchie Bag

It is impossible to imagine Instagram without Scrunchie bags. We have seen models and influencers wear these simple bags for the past few months now, and we are obsessed. Puffy bag have been in style since 2021, and they are definitely staying in 2022. Even though the bags are simple, the scrunched top handle adds a stylish element that boosts every outfit.

Bottega Veneta

The Italian designer is loved for their minimal and classic design and bold colour palette. Influencers love Bottega Veneta bags, and so do we! Their bags don’t come with big logos. They are the kind of “If you know, you know” designer items, making them classic and timeless. Even though they are the “It Girl” bags right now, they will always be fashionable. So if you are still thinking about getting one: Do it!


Chanel bags are iconic and elegant statement pieces that are fashionable and practical. These exclusive works of art are timeless and desirable – a must in every fashion lover’s handbag collection. Chanel bags last decades and will elevate your outfits for years, thanks to their high quality. As the prices for Chanel handbags increase every few months, their resale prices boom and you no longer can buy preloved Chanel for less than the retail price.


If you are looking for a work bag that doesn’t look like a workbag, you need a Briefcase bag. Not only are they feminine and stylish because of their structured design. Briefcase bags are also roomy and practical to store all your everyday essentials.

Top handle bag

If you feel girly and cute you go for a top handle bag. Holding your handbag in your hand is not always the most practical choice (especially when you carry a lot in your purse), but it is feminine, stylish and a classic look.

Motorcycle bags


Balenciaga’s Motorcycle bags have been around for decades and are finally back in fashion. Even Kylie Jenner is obsessed with the edgy and easy to wear bags. Their scuffed and relaxed design makes them a durable bag for every day that will never look shabby.

90’s shoulder bag

The perfect everyday handbag doesn’t exist? Then you haven’t heard of the latest 90’ trend comeback. Mini shoulder bags are trendy, sophisticated, and versatile. Take them from day to night, go for brunch or to a wedding. With a shoulder bag you always look stylish and elegant.

Words By Maxi Pfeifer

Photo Credit: Gerasim Kutsarov


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