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1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team 5 Online Street-Thrifting Brands You Need To Know About

1 year ago, by Voir Editorial Team

5 Online Street-Thrifting Brands You Need To Know About

@yungalyy and Frankie Collective
@yungalyy and Frankie Collective

Fashion has always been circular, we have seen 90s trends coming back and forth across seasons. Needless to say, this ever-growing movement has taken a turn to high street retailers such as Urban Outfitters and have by far made streetwear significantly mainstream. This has quite frankly made fanatics shift from in-store to online with more attention to hunt for exclusive vintage attire by avoiding fashion clashes.

Thrifting is the platform for street attire. It is bold, different and original with its limitations of products. Diving into thrifting can offer a range of authentic vintage goods. You are probably thinking, thrifting can be rather chaotic in store. But wait. Online thrifting is what it is all about. What is so chaotic about exploring thrift stores across the globe in the comfort of your own home?

Here are the top five streetwear vintage online thrift stores you do not want to miss.

1. Asos Marketplace

Commonly known for their sibling Asos retailer. The Marketplace is expanding with over 800 businesses, with a range of independent stores and boutiques, allocated in over 50 countries worldwide. If you are looking to expand your wardrobe and take a different angle into fashion, this is your pathway. Asos Marketplace is a great place to start with if you are looking to switch up your look.

2. Depop

Depop is one of the best buying and selling platforms for young adults. You can find many hypebeast brands floating around, but just be careful of scammers! There is a variety of vintage gear roaming across the platform; as most products are used; you have access to bid for the price you want, swaps are certified and even bulk buying. Additionally, a request can be sent to the supplier for extra images and videos of the product. Depop is also seen to be used by A-listers to interact with their fans via purchasing their apparel.

Now let’s dig a little deeper into the transparent online thrift-ers…

ASOS Marketplace, Rick's Retro, Garm Shack, Depop and Frankie Collective
ASOS Marketplace, Rick’s Retro, Garm Shack, Depop and Frankie Collective

3. Ricks Retro

If you are interested in hand-picked items around the world, this is the store for you. The high demand for Ricks Retro attire is simply rapid, with 30 items posted per day; it is hard to get your hands on these goods. Brands such as Ralph Lauren, Polo Sport, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and many more are sold here with clothes roughly around £20 per an item. If you are also looking to step into a more a creative path, Ricks Retro offers collaborative features and are able to work with university students on projects, which makes them stand out from the crowd and they are prompt!

4. Frankie Collective

Do you love reworked clothing with a little creative twist? Frankie Collective is based in the United States, home to remastering vintage clothing with inspiration from 90’s staples. The streetwear manufacturer centres on sustainability while pushing the boundaries of contemporary style. The online thrift store combines vintage goods with on-trend styles that make them unique especially as it caters to women across the globe. Frankie Collective had recently customised reworked jerseys worn by Normani and her crew in tribute to Kobe Bryant at the NBA All-star game.

5. Garm Shack

Bringing it back to the 80s, 90s and early 00s, Garm Shack offers the most iconic brands, catering to both men and women. The vintage collectors offer a series of items for very affordable prices, with authenticity withheld in their apparel.

Words by Amber Meghani

Graphics by Katie Janes

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