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5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team 5 Nail Trends You Need to Screenshot for Your Next Mani Appointment

5 months ago, by Voir Editorial Team

5 Nail Trends You Need to Screenshot for Your Next Mani Appointment

images via @joelyoceannails
images via @joelyoceannails, thecurveybook, @amyle.nails, @yeswhatnails, etsy

With a new season approaching, the undeniable desire for reinvention, or simply an adjustment, is completely normal. However, transitioning from summer to autumn should be simple and come naturally to you. Forcing change will feel unnatural and resemble that time you put your hair up to attend a wedding because everyone wears their hair up for such a big, special day. Trends are there to give your ideas and direct your inspiration. The creative part is marrying the idea of a trend with your personal taste and tailoring it to you.

Edit Your Existing Style

Images via @ohlalanaillounge, thenaillife_ @jhohannails, @dippycownails

Autumn doesn’t definitively mean it’s time to start layering on burnt oranges and draping ourselves in thick knits. By now, most of us are aware of what we like and what we absolutely do not, right? So, don’t always rely on the obvious. If you like how pink looks on you during the Summer, there’s a high chance you’re going to like it just as much in the Autumn too. The subtle adjustment can make a huge difference to the energy of your look. A neon pink that you sported for the majority the sunny months can be diluted right back to a blushed, neutral shade, or anything in between. Shapes, lengths and designs are a really comfortable way to push your boundaries and experiment; however, colour is something we all hold very personally, and there can be a lot of creativity with one colour when you start to play with the intensity of a familiar favourite.

Short Nails

Images via @emilyjanelathan, @betina_goldstein, paintbucketnails, @nailsbychloej, @beautyprepamsterdam

Covid19 has brought some unexpected trends to the table: convenience, low maintenance, shorter nails. Trips to the salon are currently much less frequent for many of us, so our priorities have had to change in order to adapt our lifestyles. Shorter nails are on the rise as people want to get as long as possible out of their salon visit, or even opt for colouring their natural nails. This trend can cause designs and embellishments to seem a bit crowded and messy, but block/solid colours and simple graphics pop, and work really well on this much smaller canvas. Wearing your natural nails also gives you a good opportunity to get your nails in a strong, healthy condition, and perfect your polishing techniques at home. Long nails will always have a place in our hearts, but for many of us, this time period is all about adapting, trying new things and creating a balanced, sustainable plan to move forward with.

Abstract Nails

Images via @jhohannanails, Pinterest, @amyle.nails, @yeswhatnails, @chaunlegend, @laurenladnier

If you have a hard time deciding on one theme, or simply just want it all, this is the trend for you. Abstract nails have no two fingers the same and sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. You can mix patterns with colours, textures with graphics and play between finishes (gloss/matte). This trend is brave and has no boundaries, but it can also be worn much tamer with the colour palettes and designs you choose to play with. Having each nail already clashing with its neighbor it’s hard to find an outfit that these nails won’t coordinate with, which is always a huge plus in our books. Each nail can tell a different story; you can let all your creative juices flow while coming up with a concept for this set. Popular choices for abstract nails include animal prints, tribal designs, Ombré colours, modern graphics; your limits are endless. It’s one of the most exciting trends this Autumn and gives such an energetic boost to the beauty community. These nails are time-consuming, and a lot of work for any nail technician, but at least the ten inspo-pics you bring to your appointment will finally be put to good use.

Nude Nails

Images via @des.did.that @joelyoceannails @chaunlegend, Stay Glam on pinterest

For too long nude has been depicted as a jazzed-up version of peach, when really it’s the exact opposite. One of the single greatest things about a nude pigment is the fact that it won’t ever be the same on two people, and on top of that, there’s an entire palette of choices per individual to choose from. If colour correction coming to the forefront of trends recently has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t have one colour flush to our skin. Choosing a nude colour to suit you can enhance or subdue tones; it’s make-up for your fingertips. Considering the nude spectrum ranges from soft porcelain tones to solid, rich shades with a lot of depth, there really isn’t a swatch to sample from. Opting for a more rosy, warm version of your nude shade will bring out the glowing colour in your cheeks, or compliment you wardrobe, providing you prefer to wear warmer shades. Different nudes per finger is another great way to give an alternative vibe to this classic trend, and experiment with different tones and levels of dept. Nude shades are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe, makes your jewellery a stronger statement and doesn’t make you want a colour change as frequently, due to its neutral demeanor.

Colour Tips

Images via thecurveybook, @amyle.nails, @jaydeau, @cappellasbeauty

While a French tip is a staple that many will always hold near and dear, it’s refreshing to see some alternative and creative takes on this trend. Tips are a great way to express some creativity with a more subtle approach. One popular technique at the moment is to use a variety of colours per finger to give a rainbow or neon effect. This allows you to experiment and wear multiple colours, but not having them as brash as a solid colour per nail. This trend is also extremely versatile as the same technique will give a completely different result depending on the shaped nail you choose. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, going for a print on your tips is another option for you to explore. One of the greatest things about creating looks with this trend is you can literally take any look that would normally be displayed on an entire nail, and just compress the visuals to create a tailored style for your nail tips. This trend can come in any colour, shape, design or style, so it really is a concept we can universally experiment with.

Creating looks on our nails is one of the most simple ways to showcase some creativity. It’s a form of expression, common to a huge community of us. As we move into the latter half of 2020, it’s hopeful to see nail art resurfacing and finding its place in our new normal. Also, for us, getting some of the luxuries we once loved back. As the months pass by, and we are able to be reunited with our nail artists, we get the first glimpse back to one of the most greatly missed services to many. We get some normality back. Normality in what we do, the way we feel and how we are so used to expressing ourselves in a simple yet impactful way. This is a time for us to have fun, experiment, and cherish the little things that make a huge difference.

Words by Luke Nolan

Graphics by Georgia Walters


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