The Ones To Watch: AW19 LFW

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Fashion Scout have once again announced the four winners of The Ones To Watch Award for London Fashion Week AW19, 1X1 Studio, Aurélie Fontan, Bowen Hu and Shie Lyu, who were selected among many upcoming and talented designers. Regarded as one of the most anticipated shows during LFW, The Ones To Watch plays a crucial role in raising the profile of emerging designers globally.

Aurélie Fontan

Establishing herself as a sustainable fashion brand, London based designer, Aurélie Fontan, has a focus on bio-design and circler economy. The fashion graduate’s work represents the “techno craft” concept, where eco-friendly, feminine and inspirational luxury womenswear is created from the latest technology and unconventional techniques. Aurélie was commissioned by Samsung to make the first 90% recycled and biodegradable Couture collection, entirely designed and manufactured by a smartphone. The showcased A/W19 collection includes a bio-designed dress from bacteria, recycled materials and fully recycled leather outfits.

Shie Lyu

Shie’s passion for meticulous construction and sculptural silhouettes is due to her background in finance and accounting as it reminds her of composite index curves and cubes in financial charts and models. The designer is known for playing on intricate use of unusual industrial materials such as moulded perspex and rubber to create its silhouettes and is contrasted with colour, embroidery and beading. Her mathematician past came into play whilst constructing her A/W19 collection, taking inspiration from Moholy Nagy’s light display installations.

1X1 Studio

1x1 Studio is a luxury menswear brand that creates playful 3D textures in knitwear focusing on craftsmanship and creative knitting techniques. Established in 2017, the aim of the brand is to bring out a new fashion cycle by working with other talent in order to give a new life to each collection. The brand believes in a scientific and technical future, after looking back at technology from the present to the 80s, which was injected into the A/W19 collection through studying the architecture, art, film and lifestyle at that time. 1X1 Studio aspires to create a blended vision in knitted and woven menswear pieces with a formal to casual twist.

Bowen Hu

Influenced by understanding of personalities and psychology, Bowen focuses on unisex collections with an innovative approach to textile, colour and silhouette. Her A/W19 collection ‘Lucid Dream’, takes inspiration from the world of subconscious minds and brainwave patterns. Bowen researched into dream analysis, which inspired every garment being given a background story of a personal dream. Neutral colours run throughout the collection giving audiences a calm and relaxed feel.

Photomontages: Eden Charkani

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