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Marching On Together

Women's March Part II

The 2017 women's marches brought out millions all over the world last year, most prominently in Washington where the march was more emotionally aimed at the newly elected president Trump. This year, not much has changed in terms of who the marches are aimed at, but the intention is to channel the energy for more progressive opponents in the November midterm elections.

Adwoa Aboah at the Women's March in Washington.

Credit: @adwoaaboah Instagram

This year, many famous faces were out in force, rallying for more voices in office in support of women's reproductive rights in retaliation to Trump's anti-abortion stance.

Jennifer Lawrence, Cameron Diaz and Adele in solidarity.

Credit: @adele Instagram

Paris Jackson gave a speech yesterday at the march in Los Angeles.

Credit: @parisjackson Instagram

For the second year running, the crowds were blushed with shades of pink from the waves of pink 'Pussyhats' that have become a symbol of female solidarity in retaliation to some of Trump's derogatory and sexist language. The cat-eared hats take the term and turn it into a word of power. The simple knitting pattern started out within a small group of women who wanted to produce an item of clothing other than a T-shirt to create real physical presence, once the pattern was online it got shared all around the world and the pink hats appeared in full force once again for this year's march.

Crowds in force - Washington, D.C. Jan. 21, 2017

Credit: mprnews.org

Co-founder of the Pussyhat Project, Jayna Zweiman speaking to the crowds in Los Angeles.

Credit: @p_ssyhatproject Instagram

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