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2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Down the Jade Rabbit Hole: Manish Arora AW’18

2 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Down the Jade Rabbit Hole: Manish Arora AW’18

“Throw all your prints together in a wonderfully layered fashion and go turn some heads girl.”

Prints upon prints, this Manish Arora AW’18 collection will make you discard your plain coloured garb and throw on every print you own. Celebrating the opening of 5 stand-alone stores in China this year, the collection embraces Chinese imagery throughout.

Manish Arora AW'18
Manish Arora AW'18

Our eyes have indeed been blessed with this mixture of bright prints, bold colours and just layer upon layer of pure Chinese inspired euphoria. It has reminiscence to Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass and the Chinese inspired costumes in the film, they share the same bright colours and wonderfully detailed prints. That makes us even more obsessed. We can feel like we’re in Wonderland? Yep, sign us right up.

Among the Chinese imagery were cherry blossoms, chrysanthemum embroidery, traditional style Chinese waves and clouds as well as koi fish. This explosion of beautifully detailed prints left us hungry for more, and Manish Arora definitely delivered. He gave us a re-imagined Jade Rabbit, meditating on a lotus on the front of a sweater. Cutest thing we’ve ever seen? Yep.

As well as the Chinese imagery there were sequinned Eiffel towers, it seems Manish Arora wanted to sneak a little famous landmark in there too.

Manish Arora AW'18

The colours in this collection are definitely something to talk about. Arora’s collections always have amazing colour schemes, but this season really takes not just the icing, but the entire cake. Bright oranges, pinks, deep blues, and hints of yellow and green have our eyes tripping on Arora acid.

This collection invites us to a bright Autumn wardrobe if we choose, and it’s exciting to have that option. No longer feeling an all black ensemble? Throw all your prints together in a wonderfully layered fashion and go turn some heads girl. That’s not to say throw away black completely, as the bright colour prints look great with black, in fact it makes them really pop.

Something we couldn’t help but notice were the avant garde..scarves?? We’re not really sure what they are, but they’re the cosiest looking, most high fashion neck candy we’ve ever seen.

Manish Arora AW'18

The mix of thick jumper fabrics combined with the soft tulle make for great texture combinations, like Jade Rabbit herself, and we’d give anything to be wrapped up in one of Arora’s jumpers.

Manish Arora AW'18

Denim and sequins also wandered the runway, the former in combinations with patchwork, appliqué and some simply ripped, adding a funky little 90’s feel to certain looks. We really loved the embroidery detailing Arora used to give pops of colour to his darker garments.

Manish Arora AW'18

Something we didn’t think we’d fall in love with was the socks and sandals combination. Anything went, from plain bright coloured socks, traditional Chinese clouds in blue with rainbows, pink hearts, then there was black and orange. The shoes were pretty high platform heels with sandal straps, reminiscent of traditional Chinese footwear in the shape of the sole. Even the shoes were brightly painted with patterns and colours found in the collection, and paired with the patterned socks looked a perfect kind of chaotic.

This collection has given us the Jade green light to wear multiple prints at once and not feel uncomfortable about it. If anything, we’ll be channeling our highly fashionable walks of art on a sidewalk near you. What are you waiting for? Get your prints out!

Manish Arora AW'18

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