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3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team 7 Life Saving Beauty Hacks: Part 2

3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

7 Life Saving Beauty Hacks: Part 2

So, after some really positive feedback from you our well-informed reader, we’re back with season 2 of Life Saving Beauty Hacks.Here goes…

1. BROW-nie points for this one

Do you struggle with those droopy pesky eyebrow hairs? Trying to achieve that perfectly shaped eyebrow seems somewhat impossible, but with a few swipes of a clear mascara this could quickly become a thing of the past. This will set your eyebrows in place (you can even use this trick to brush up your eyebrows for that fluffy look that we all dream of!)

2. KOHL-er me in

We’ve all been there when you’ve paid a silly amount for an eyeliner pencil just to find there is no colour pay off. All you need to do is hold the nib of the eyeliner under a hair dryer for a couple of seconds to warm up and soften the pencil. Let it cool and now try again. You’ll find a much softer pencil. This makes creating the classic smokey eye so much easier!

3. Turn up the HEAT!

That’s not the only place your hair dryer can come in handy in your make-up routine. Holding your eyelash curlers under your hairdryer for a few seconds will help to give your eyelashes a lasting curl before applying your mascara to help lock in that curl.

4. Are you having a LASH?

Eyelash envy? We’ve all been there when we see girls with beautifully long and thick lashes. Why wasn’t I blessed with lusciously thick eyelashes?’ you would find questioning yourself. Well, ponder no further with this revolutionary solution. Apply mascara in thin layers and sweep on setting powder between each coating. This will help to build thicker looking lashes.

5. MATT-nificent

This hack is one that every girl needs to know! Are you not feeling that silky lipstick look today but you don’t have that perfect colour in a matte shade, rest assured. Apply the original lipstick and make it matte! Impossible I hear you say. Well, try this. Separate a piece of toilet roll so you have one thin layer and place this over your lips. Pat over some setting powder and hey presto, you have yourself some matte lips!

6. Treat them CLEAN, keep them keen

Your well-used make-up brushes are just dying to be cleaned, but your busy schedule just keeps putting this mission on hold. Head down to your local hardware store and grab yourself an embossed oven mitt. The raised surface will help to break up the dirt between the bristles more effectively than traditional methods, giving you more time to glam up and go! (This will save you the soggy hands.)


I know that every single girl has done this for a fact. Your make-up is looking perfect and your finishing your final touches of mascara when you tap some of the product onto your face, whoops. Many girls are quick to try and erase the mistake but this is the worst thing you can do. Let the product dry and allow it to harden. This means it can be easily scratched off without leaving a black smudged mess.

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