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3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Laws of Attraction: Allure hits the Right Spot

3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Laws of Attraction: Allure hits the Right Spot

Allure - Studio Voir by Luke Walwyn & Jyoti Matoo

Several months in the making, Allure by Studio Voir is more than a showcase of creativity and a portfolio of work. With a concise selection of powerful imagery, each accompanied by the most appropriate caption, its mission from the start is to engage and entice the viewer through a series of emotions. Arresting, explosive, intimate and controversial not only describe the fashion and beauty images to which they are assigned, these words bring a personal touch to help the viewer engage more deeply with the imagery and the brand.

Striking by Studio Voir
Controversial by Studio Voir
Arresting by Studio Voir
Powerful by Studio Voir
Quirky by Studio Voir

The Studio Voir team are already excited at the stir this marketing book has caused, enabling prospective clients to connect on a deeper level and identify with the brand’s style and ethos: “It is becoming increasingly difficult to get heard or seen nowadays” stated Luke Walwyn the brand’s Photographer & Artistic Director, “and we therefore like to look at more simplistic ways to inspire a response and a connection, than a cold approach”.

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