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3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Game Changer: Bringing the Style to MIST on Safari.

3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Game Changer: Bringing the Style to MIST on Safari.

MIST: Game Changer Music Video

When it comes to high fashion and music video, Voir’s very own Editor-In-Chief Jyoti Matoo certainly knows a thing or two about styling, (think D Double E, Tom Zanetti) and once again delivered with honours on the latest MIST production.

Teaming up with Catalyst Management, their latest project called for a casual yet high-end feel to the UK’s leading rapper on Safari, for the video ‘Game Changer’.

Filmed on the back of the artist’s ‘Best Video Mobo Award’ for ‘Hot Property’ in 2017, Jyoti had a lot to live up to, and began calling in the big luxury brands. Styled in no less than Versace, Gucci, DSquared2 and Ralph Lauren, MIST embodies the perfect casual chic for the exotic location.

Shot entirely in Kenya the stunning visuals, captured by creative production team The RITE Brothers, truly match the title of the track Game Changer. With breathtaking views of the African scenery, from Nairobi to Mombasa and Swahili Beach, images of MIST in a villa, a speedboat, and even closing the video in a hot air balloon, mark an incredible return for the homegrown UK rapper.

MIST: Game Changer Music Video - Boat Scene
MIST: Game Changer Music Video - Jeep Scene

Africa is known for its exotic safaris, this shirt by Dsquared2 was chosen for its brightly coloured badge features, which stood out against the white boat and safari jeep.

MIST: Game Changer Music Video - Jeep Scene in filming

The new season Versace Greco swimwear, is paired with the matching print jacket. The iconic Versace gold motifs, not only reflect the luxurious feel of the video, but pull the colours from the safari landscape.

New season Gucci, from the Loved Collection, was the perfect stylish knit. The blue and black wool jumper, with bird patch print, was an ideal casual addition with an iconic feel, for the video.

MIST: Game Changer Music Video

MIST: Game Changer Music Video - Villa Scene

The Barocco&Robe bathrobe from Versace, was one of the first looks to feature in the video. With such a strong opening, it was the perfect match, with its all-over Versace print and intricately detailed borders, providing the ultimate luxury aesthetic.

MIST wearing Versace

Take a look at the full video below


Mist – Game Changer

Produced by: Steel Bangelz

Directed by: Colin Michael Quinn, The RITES Brothers

Wardrobe: Jyoti Matoo

Production Company: Mastermind Media

Management: Catalyst Management


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