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Behind the Scenes: Slaters Shoot

Studio Voir shoots for Slaters Menswear and it certainly was, a classy affair.

Everything 007 was the inspiration for our shoot with Slaters. Tom Zanetti stepped into the role of our Bond character with Calla Francesca and Lydia Daniel-Wards as his accomplices. A dark mood set the tone for the shoot, danger and suspicion was around every corner. No one could be trusted not even one of his accomplices, yet a classy and sophisticated style kept the bond feel continuous. Props helped everyone to get into the bond mood with a helicopter and an Aston Martin as our agent's mode of transport.

It was an amazing effort made by every member of the team and everyone else who got involved to make this idea become reality. Keep your eyes on Voir and Slaters to see the official images from the shoot.

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