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4 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Coach x Selena Gomez

4 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Coach x Selena Gomez

From Hollywood and the top of the charts to being Instagram’s most followed person, Selena Gomez is proving herself to be a true creative with her recent collaboration with Coach.

Limited-edition bags and leather accessories form the collection that came from Gomez and Coach’s creative director Stuart Vevers special bond. Luxurious and practical, the designs are made for the modern woman, something that the collaborators wanted to achieve.

“We discovered Selena is a carryall girl. She wanted something streamlined, smart, but not too formal, with clean lines, important hardware. Something she could use that could go with anything.” says Vevers, with the result being The Selena Grace bag.

Creating items that have this feel was important, “I think the ultimate bag is something that goes with almost everything and you don’t have to even give it a second thought if it goes with your outfit,” says Gomez.

Keen to be in charge of her own brand, designs have been created from a point of prioritising what Selena Gomez loves, in particular her decision to create a bespoke shade of “Selena Red”, in the year of millennial pink. The colour red wasn’t the only personal touch Gomez wanted to bring through into the designs, as on the bottom of the Selena Grace bag, a self-penned quote “Love Yourself First” is embossed.

The ability to be true to herself has played a huge part in her success. As a musician, actress, businesswoman and philanthropist, Selena continues to grow her career, with this collaboration being the next step. Whether a member of Gomez’s fanbase, or looking to invest in a new item for your wardrobe, this contemporary collection is sure to appeal to many.


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