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3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team Voir On BBC1xtra

3 years ago, by Voir Editorial Team

Voir On BBC1xtra

Voir has recently been involved with BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Jamz Supernova on her DIY Generation show and even more recently, has featured on the shows live panel with a few other inspirational entrepreneurs.

Our editor-in-chief Jyoti was joined on the panel, hosted by Jamz with; Sandy Cheems of ‘Movie Geeks Uk’, Zara Khalique of lifestyle brand ‘Keep It Bright’ and Frazer Robinson, one of the founder’s of Strawberries & Creem Festival in Cambridge. Sat in front of a small audience, Jamz asked each entrepreneur a range of questions that allowed everyone to tell their story and also give their advice to anyone seeking the road to success with their own business. The day was full of inspiration and drive, there were opportunities to get to know the entrepreneurs, music and art workshops and an audience Q&A. We are especially proud of our editor-in-chief as she approached each question with brute honesty and inspired a lot of people with the Voir journey.

“I had so many people that just were like, “Are you crazy? This ain’t gunna work.” And I mean, so many voices. You can just focus and can believe in what you’ve got. You’re half way there.” – Jyoti Matoo.

Click the link below to listen to the Radio Interview Below.



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