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June Horoscopes by Joanna Hope


Emma Watson

Laughter is a potent aphrodisiac Aries, a sense of humour can lighten up your life and bring in the sunshine, astrological cosmic love vibes influence your adventurous soul getting you excited about love and romance. A cosmic shift with Mars your ruler is giving you lots of energy to succeed in your plans, “never give up, and never give in” is your motto and it really pays off in your career as you continue on climbing to the top.

Lucky Colour: Pink

Lucky Crystal: Diamond


Jessica Alba

You are such a down to earth soul Taurus, to see the bigger picture ‘thinking outside of the box ‘ is your strength and in practical terms makes anything possible, following your dreams and creating something special is your forte. Venus Goddess of Love and Beauty will reign in your life, as she waves her magic wand your kindred spirit is revealed and love will transcend romance. Enjoy!

Lucky Colour: Green

Lucky Crystal: Emerald


Iggy Azalea

As the communicator of the zodiac Gemini benefits from mental stimulation so time spent pursuing your plans and goals are very worthwhile now, swiftly carrying your positive message to the world can put you in your element, your creative thoughts will uplift others and inspire them. Love can be entertaining as the playful side of you comes out, enjoy finding new ways to let the one you love know what an amazing partner you are.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Crystal: Agate


Ariana Grande

The passionate heart beats on in the ambitious Cancerian, making a clear vision of what you want to achieve, reaching for the stars and achieving the impossible is possible for the clever crab, your go-getter attitude will bring you all you desire. Ruled by the Moon you are blessed with a natural intuition that creates an emotional ambience in your love life when you use it to tune in to your other half and sense what they are feeling, your sensitivity will certainly be appreciated and you will amaze them with your synchronicity.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Crystal: Ruby


Kylie Jenner

Leos thrive on romance and you are keen to enjoy it to the full, like a ray of sunshine that brightens up the day, you are an inspiration and will be feeling the love right back at you. Enterprising as ever you succeed making good use of your skills, you are off to a good start and will be rewarded for your knowledge and talents leading to something bigger and better in the future. Your fate is very much in your own hands so stand back and watch yourself demonstrate the majesty of the Leo in the height of creativity, it is an awesome sight to see. Go for it Leo.

Lucky Colour: Orange

Lucky Crystal: Sunstone



Femininity is the code word for Virgo, you are elegant and poised no matter what situation you may find yourself in. It seems you are very much in the driving seat as cherished hopes and wishes are realized and you continue to make progress in getting your positive message across loud and clear. Your Love life is like an adventurous spirit full of excitement, as you explore the opportunities that bring you fulfillment and happiness you can look forward to a bright future with the one you choose for love.

Lucky Colour: Midnight Blue

Lucky Crystal: Sapphire


Serena Williams

A balancing act is the true Libra's strength as your desire to push ahead with your ideas and plans come to fruition. A leap of faith tells you to follow your heart as a bed of roses is the soft landing you need in your love life, a meaningful romance leads you to your heart's desire. Your career is looking up as opportunities to better yourself and express your ideas is on the cards, being versatile and going with the flow can help you realize your dreams.

Lucky Colour: Red

Lucky Crystal: Fire Opal


Katy Perry

Intense and sexy Scorpio the light within you is asking the mysterious part of your soulful Scorpion self to open up and let the world see how magnificent you are. Success is at hand and all your hard work pays off as you reach the end of the rainbow and find your pot of gold. A time for emotional and spiritual renewal is here, love is the treasure deep in your heart and only serves to remind you that love conquers all in its path, so don’t hold back your feelings now and you will triumph in your love life.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Crystal: Topaz


Rita Ora

The start of a creative enterprise gets the ambitious fires of the Sagittarius burning brightly, heading in a brand new direction can urge you to explore what is around you and make use of your wealth of talents. Tender feelings will soften the heart of your loved one and bring you closer, making those long-awaited plans to settle down and create a future together possible to secure your love.

Lucky Colour: Black

Lucky Crystal: Tanzanite


Kate Moss

There are new heights to climb and conquer in your career, as the Capricorn goat is an excellent climber don’t be afraid of setting your sights high and getting to the top, a place where you belong. Others look to you as their rock, your strong heart carries them forward and your thoughtfulness is appreciated. Your love life is needing an overhaul and the time is right to move on from the past and think about creating entirely new situations that bring you more love and fulfilment.

Lucky Colour: Turquoise

Lucky Crystal: Aquamarine


Chloë Grace Moretz

Rare and unique Aquarius you have it in your power to make a real difference now. Fate is allowing you to set your world alight with those glowing ambitions and plans. Be confident and secure in the knowledge this is a brand new chapter in your life and you can emerge like a Phoenix rising from the ashes. Love is on your mind as you figure out what is the best course of action to create a deeper more loving relationship, rest assured you will.

Lucky Colour: Purple

Lucky Crystal: Amethyst


Madison Beer

You are heading for a real dream ending in your career, your popularity soars and you are sought after by many. With excellent expertise in your chosen field, all that endless hard work in the past has paid off and you can look back with confidence at how far you have come. Dare to dream and bring the dream alive is your motto Pisces, shouldn’t be hard for a visionary of magnanimous dreams! Talking of dreams, romance novels have nothing on you so express yourself lovingly to those that matter most and feel the love given back to you, you’ll be floating on cloud nine, rest assured your dreams are cooking and you get what you wish for.

Lucky Colour: Sea Green

Lucky Crystal: Moonstone

Words by Joanna Hope

Graphics by Georgia Walters

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