Daring To Be Different: Voir Issue 23

It's time to get excited for a fashionable new season, with trends to take you on your daring to be different journey. We examine the 90s influence in fashion and ask the question "Why should we give a F*** about the Nineties?" Perhaps because it was a decade of decadence and subversion, where daring to be different was penned across many creative industries, fanning the youthful flames of rebellion from normality. Marc Jacobs, with his seminal 1993 collection for Perry Ellis makes a welcomed return as he reintroduces the grunge collection for a modern consumer.

We capture in true candid style Catalyst Management musical artists namely Mist, Tom Zanetti, Michael Dapaah, Preditah, Swifta Beater and newcomer Sam Tompkins. Fronted by Guv Singh, this extraordinary man discusses the rise of one of the most prolific artists' roster in the UK.

Snoochie Shy is the MTV presenter talent who elegantly captures the new season trends with a 90s underscore, styled by our very own Editor-in-Chief Jyoti Matoo, and lensed by Toby Shaw. The Voir team were on hand to ensure everything ran like clockwork, the result 3 stunning covers that capture a spirit of nowness.

We needed to talk about Rankin, and rightly so. Giorgio Grande interviews this maverick photographer who has always used his medium as a way to question norms.

A Voir issue wouldn't be complete without a look at a real female boss. Cardi B steps forward [with all her notoriety] as we feature her groundbreaking red carpet looks. Furthermore we catch up with Sian Gabbidon after her meteoric rise to the top in the Apprentice 2018, providing insights to the sprit which drives her work ethic and successful swimwear brand.

Ashley Williams is as quirky as ever, delivering some tasteful tasteless fashion that has become her signature these past few years.

And finally we have stunning illustrations from our very own Spencer who captures a Voir exclusive astrology feature from world renowned Joanna Hope, providing an insight to what awaits us in early 2019.

Enjoy HERE

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