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I Know What, You’re Thinking Punk!

The Vivienne Westwood: Youth is Revolting, campaign.

What is punk in 2018? A daring question asked by some of the next generation creatives when given the opportunity to speak to the warrior of rebellion herself, Vivienne Westwood.

After five decades of fighting the system, Westwood is passing on her wisdom to champion the social revolution lead by young activists. This inspirational young community (from all different kinds of backgrounds) come with one main focus - to lead the new generation of revolt and spark positive social change.

Each with their own fiery passions and unique talent, they come together as optimistic protesters. From abortion rights activists to political filmmakers, they are not to be underestimated. “Young people can do great stuff. Just because you’re young, it doesn’t mean that you can’t always do something.” enthuses Westwood.

After constantly being asked about her past, she now wants to concentrate on the present and what’s next. She has faith in the next generation to continue her legacy. Fashion has always been a focal point for catalysing social change. So, to answer the question “what is punk in 2018?” Vivienne says “I guess I’m a punk because I’m a fighter. You’re born with the character you’ve got, and I will always fight. I can’t help it.”

The Vivienne Westwood: Youth is Revolting, campaign is a celebration of the imprint that she has made on the new generation, wholeheartedly endorsed by Voir’s strapline: “For those daring to be different.”

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