5 Minutes With Fyodor Golan

On Friday 15th September, London Fashion Week will again be wowed on the runway by the breathtaking designs of Fyodor Golan. London based, Fyodor Golan never fail to bring a uniqueness to the runway; with vibrant colours, smart fabrics and a ray of printed designs the brand has established a strong identity and great reputation in the industry.

On the London Fashion Week stages Fyodor Golan continue to amaze with their extraordinary collaborations with brands such as; My Little Pony, Transformers, Power Puff girls and Coca-Cola.

Resort S/S18

I got the chance to ask the design duo some questions about their S/S18 Resort collection: a collaboration with Felix the Cat.

S:How has your collaboration with Felix the Cat been?

When deciding to collaborate with Felix the Cat we felt we took on a challenge for the brand. Even though we have collaborated before with iconic pop images and characters such as My Little Pony or Power Puff Girls, Felix stood out as a black & White character with minimalistic aesthetics which is quite far from what we are known for (with our constant use of bold colours and textures). Something about Felix fascinated us, the attitude he stands for is very much a combination of us two; the positive cheekiness with just a touch of darkness. Going through all the old imagery from 1919 until today was like a journey though the development of character art though the ages."

S: How did the collaboration come into being?

"The people behind Felix the Cat contacted us for the collaboration. Felix is today going through a massive relaunch and I guess they liked our work and thought we could be a good fit."

S: There is a strong workman theme in this collection, what was your inspiration behind this?

"We always like to combine unexpected elements together, to find a new angle on iconic visual messages. This is what has brought us to start doing collaborations in our collections and what drives us to infuse elements such as workwear into our client’s wardrobe. Blurring the lines of gender with garments that stand for a trade rather than sexuality and then infusing them with delicateness of embroideries or luxury of feathers in contrast to workwear styles is what excites us when working on the collections."

S: What is your favourite piece from this collection? And why?

Golan: "Love the black & reflective Felix workwear parka I can just see it worn by everyone from thrown over a silk dress and high heels to worn with jeans and T (which is how I’m planning on wearing it :) Fyodor: "My Favourite is the Tennis dress. It expresses our intrinsic brand values - our love for shape, graphics, colours, sports and comfort. It’s one of those dresses you can just throw on and be active. It’s quite punchy and yet I can see every woman wearing it because it will energise them."

S:Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring fashion designers?

"Partner! This is a tough business and work in it is constant. Even 5 years in, we barely get any time off. The thing that keeps us going is each other. It’s important to have someone you trust 100% to share the load."

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